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  1. Thanks @syscl @PMheart. I had been trying unsuccessfully to get full power management on my hack since I built it. The CPU floor would always hang around 1.4 Ghz. With the plist provided by PMheart and this guide to enable the HWP my setup reaches the appropriate floor of 800 MHz.
  2. hashish.k

    Sierra Installer Disk Utility No HDD

    First try to install the latest version of clover bootloader on to your usb. If that does not solve it try using the create install media method to make your usb.
  3. hashish.k

    AppleLPC not loading on ElCapitan

    please see the appleintelinfo output and geek bench results. Archive.zip
  4. hashish.k

    AppleLPC not loading on ElCapitan

    Did that as well. It boots up but no luck with the lower frequencies. so far I have tried a lot of things to make it work, without luck. I tried a clean install. I tried macOS Sierra DP1. Played around with clover settings etc. changed frequency vectors to haswell iMac.
  5. hashish.k

    AppleLPC not loading on ElCapitan

    Thanks Allan, I tried the config.plist but it will not boot with it. I believe whats happening is its dropping all other SSDTs that are needed to boot. I don't have other SSDTs except the once I mentioned above in my ACPI/patched folder. Here is my SSDT SSDT.aml.zip
  6. hashish.k

    AppleLPC not loading on ElCapitan

    I was finally able to get the LPC device ID from the windows device manager, properties. mine was a145. I used the injector kext and changed the value to a145 and the AppleLPC loads. However, no change in the baseline frequency. Still idles around 1.4 to 1.5 Ghz. May be the intel power gadget is not showing accurate frequencies. console does show that XCPM is enable. Anyway thanks for your help Allan.
  7. hashish.k

    AppleLPC not loading on ElCapitan

    I don't have a patched DSDT. I use SSDT for power management and skylake USB fix by pike I have attached my config and original DSDT (obtained by pressing f4 on clover) Archive.zip
  8. hashish.k

    AppleLPC not loading on ElCapitan

    I am not sure why DPCI manager is not showing the names of the devices. This screen shot puts all the devices on a single page.
  9. hashish.k

    AppleLPC not loading on ElCapitan

    Hi Allan, Thanks for a quick reply. I read your post on OSX86.net Please find the screen shots attached.
  10. I have been working to get the power management working on my hack for sometime without success. The lowest speed that my computer idles is 1.4 Ghz. I have SSDT generated from ssdtprgen in my ACPI/patched folder. I am using SMBIOS for iMAC 17,1. It seems the problem is AppleLPC.kext is not loading when the OSX starts. I searched the forums but could not find an easy answer on how to load it. I am not comfortable modifying DSDT so the best way for me would be to create an injector kext. The problems I am encountering are I don’t know the device ID of my LPC device. I tried DPCI manager but its not listed there. Don’t know where it would be in the DSDT I tried “fakeLPC=true” on the clover config.plist but my computer does not boot after that. I was wondering if someone could help me make an injector kext. I found another thread with an injector kext but it has 9 series motherboard on the info.plist. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/309205-applelpckext-not-loading/?hl=%2Bapplelpc&do=findComment&comment=2185351 can I use this kext and replace the device ID of LPC device of my motherboard or additional modifications are needed? I am attaching my config.plist, DSDT.aml If you need anything else please let me know. TIA
  11. hashish.k

    Gigabyte Z170M-D3H 6700K Build & PM

    If you have windows double boot use "easyuefi" to delete all the duplicate entries. Be careful not to delete the original entry then you wont be able to boot into the windows. I realized that this happens if you installed osx after installing the windows. in essence there are 2 efi paritions now (one for windows and one for osx). so the entries keep duplicating. I reinstalled my windows after formatting the windows ssd and now all is fine.
  12. hashish.k

    Gigabyte Z170M-D3H 6700K Build & PM

    The GTX950 did not work with iMac 17,1 Smbios with clover on the fly patching for me. So I modified the kext itself. I found a program on the other popular website which can modify the kext. here is the link http://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/black-screen-with-macpro-6-1-or-imac-15-or-imac-17-system-definition.183113/. with this the sleep works perfectly and no black screen I have windows dual boot and with windows it idles down to 800 Mhz. somehow the idling does not work properly on our boards on mac. I am not sure how to check geekbench and have been using windows for now due to the powermanagement. I will give it a shot when time permits.
  13. hashish.k

    Gigabyte Z170M-D3H 6700K Build & PM

    I cannot help you much but I have banged my head around on this speedstep thing for a long time (ever since elcapitan started supporting Skylake). Just to save you the frustation that I dealt with, I am going to tell you that I have been unsucccessful so far. The low CPU idle is around 1.6 Ghz, like your build. It seems to be more motherboard related to me. Reading other forum posts it seems asus boards idle down to 800 Mhz, even if they have my same CPU But then some gigabyte boards idle down to 800 Mhz as as well. I asked pike about the high idle frequency but I could not get a fix. I have tried changing multiple options on the bios power management, changing frequency vectors to a haswell mac smbios, tweaking config.plist, multiple fresh installs of OSX, updating to new clover builds as they become available but to no avail. Regarding sleep, It does work but I have to use NVIDIA card. Even on 10.11.4 with the Intel HD graphics, sleep does not work for me. But I have not been following the forums lately, so some one might have come up with a fix. If you have any questions let me know, but I probably can't help fix this problem. May be working together we can find a solution.
  14. hashish.k

    speed step not working after sleep

    solved after doing a fresh install of 10.11.3
  15. hashish.k

    Speedstep on El Capitan 10.11.2 (skylake)

    I am also having issues with speed stepping on skylake. I am not sure if yours and my problem are the same. My post is here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/309936-speed-step-not-working-after-sleep/ I don't think you can dropoem clover generated SSDT as there are other essential SSDTs that your system needs. My understanding is the clover will automatically incorporate your SSDT located in ACPI/patched. I think you can only drop 2 powermanagement related SSDT tables. please check my config.plist on which ones you can drop, as I am working on a windows machine right now. Hopefully some one will figure out skylake powermanagement as its not working fully so far.