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  1. Tried Eulemur also but same result. I have a Nvidia GT210 too can I use it to test .... and what DSDT should I use for nvidia ?
  2. I have installed following this guide in post 1 with generic DSDT. But after that I replace it with 5450's DSDT and now display goes off on 50% loading at boot
  3. Installed windows and this is the Device id: 1002-68F9 Sub Vendor: XFX Pine Group (1682)
  4. I hope it will work for me, someone will have a solution. Saphire 5450 did the same aswell...
  5. Unchecked Inject ATI in clover still same ..... At apple loading screen display goes offline at 50%.
  6. Well I assume no one is willing to help me here
  7. Hi, I am having the same issue as @cfxomega stated a couple post above. I have installed OSX 10.11.3 using generic DSDT.aml posted in tutorial. After installation I replaced DSDT.aml with the XFX HD5450 1GB and now there is no display at login screen (Check video cable). Anyone can help.