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  1. repair permissions and rebuild the cache by kext wizard or other programm
  2. spakk can u tell me what kernel on yosemite 10105 working on Xcode 7
  3. should i install usb fix? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/521-usb-fix-for-el-capitan/
  4. i created os x installer on 700gb part maybe this is problem?)
  5. still hfs set verylowdiks... problem maybe problem with video card? or motherboard
  6. i replaced system kext from spakk, how system kext i must use
  7. with -x infinitely "Invalid kernel opcode (64-bit): 26 6d 8b 00 80 ff ff ff .....
  8. still the same( when i install 10105 yosemite doing fine, problem with elcapo( or problem with bootloader
  9. first mount untitled part, i dont know what is it i didnt created this part:second:
  10. omg again this error when i tryed to install from hdd(((
  11. on usb 10mb free after create it bootable(
  12. thx for help but still a same error( hfs: verylowdisk... maybe its cause my flashdrive have 8g?
  13. after 5 minutes error ccomplete and boot continue next error: hfs: set VeryLowDisk: vol:untitled, freeblks:0, dangerlimit:12