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  1. I have an Everex SA2052T laptop preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium. Since it is 3-month old and under warranty, I do not want to mess with it. Here is my way of installing OSX 10.4.8 using JaS DVD and an external Western Digital 80G 2.5" USB HD. Plug in the WD 80G USB HD in Vista and make sure it is recognized. It shoud be pre-formatted as FAT32. Restart the laptop and go into setup to set the DVD drive as first boot device and put the OSX 10.4.8 DVD into the drive. The computer will boot. Press space to install OSX. If you get to the install screen, do not install yet. Go to DiskUtility and select the WD USB HD. Erase the drive and reformat as MAC OSX extended journal format and name it OSX. Exit DiskUtility. Then I only installed the basic package and the Intel package. Nothing else. I did not install the other languages, printer drivers and other hardware packages. I found from experience when installing on a desktop that they sometimes mess up the install. The installation was successful. Then I rebooted and enter set up again. This time I selected USB HD as the first boot, DVD rom for second boot and internal HD as third. This way if I want to run OSX, I plug in the USB drive and the laptop will boot into OSX. If I want to use Vista, I just remove the USB HD and it boots up normally to Vista. Nothing is done to the laptop internal HD to void warranty. To get CI and QE to work, I install the Intel GMA950 package on the DVD and it works right away. I get 1280 x 800 with CI and QE supported. Sound doesn't work and I work around with a Creative Xmod USB. For the onboard wifi, I install Ralink driver and put it in Dock and set to run at logon. I then verify and repair permission on the OSX partition. If I need to use wifi, I will hold down the F8 key while booting OSX. At the boot menu, I type in -f and hit enter. This way the Ralink wifi software will pick up the on board wifi as a USB device. Otherwise you get no device message. Cannot get it to look like Airport, but I have wifi at least. The WD 80G USB HD is the size of a pack of card, so it is not too bulky to carry around in my laptop case. I have only done it on the Everex SA2052T, so I don't know if it will work on other laptops. I think it should work on those that support boot from an external usb drive. Now I have a 12 inch laptop with OSX Tiger 10.4.8 on an external HD that works when I want it. It is even smaller than a Macbook. Love the Everex SA2052T. Good luck.
  2. [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    Ralink chipset wifi work around I have managed to get around the "no device" problem of Ralink wifi adaptors. I only use the driver provided on the Ralink site. After installation, I use DiskUtility to verfiy and repair permission of the OSX drive. Shut down and restart the computer. As the computer starts, hold down F8 key. OSX will give you a boot option menu with the last line as BOOT: Type in -f and hit enter. After OSX has started, either start the Ralink wifi program manually or have it start at startup. I keep mine in the Dock and have it start at logon. Be patient and wait. Hopefull you won't get the "no device" message. After about 20 seconds site survey will show the AP's around and the message will go from disconnected to connected. I have made it work on the following: Desk top with Asrock 775IG65 MB with Xterasys XN-3135G wifi dongle. Everex SA2052T laptop with built in wifi. By the way the SA2052T seems very OSX friendly. I install the JaS 10.4.8 then install the GMA950 package on the DVD. Video works with QE and CI at 1280x800. No sound. I use a creative Xmod. Built in wifi works with my workaround. DVD works and play DVD movies with no sound. LAN works. Didn't check modem since I don't use them. Good luck.