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  1. bartrap

    usb 3.1 gen2 on Asrock Z390 Extreme4

    Hi; I have the same hardware as you; do you want to share your EFI folder; I have issues getting it up and running... Thanks!
  2. bartrap

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi all; am Bart; already some time on this board but never introduced myself. Compliments on all the workers and helpful people; just purchased a HP 9470m after a dell 6410 (which works great). Am looking forward to start on it when it arrives :-) Cheers from Holland !
  3. Hi all! Wow time flies; Is anybody interested in getting High Sierra installed and working on the E6410. I still love this machine and it is now very affordable. Best 'Bang for the Buck' . Please let me know. Cheers, Bart
  4. HI Guys (and Girls ?)! Long time no action from my side but am going to try to upgrade 2 E6410 machines (one i5 and one i7) from el capitan to Sierra; I did it as per description on another popular osx site of a guy named Tony but it led to panics in the beginning. Dudu or Hervé; Are you guys in for it to update this guide or is it too much work ? Can I be of any assistance ? Salut from Holland, Bart
  5. Hi; I copied exactly the usb contents to the root of my SSD including the "boot" file; After that I rebooted and it booted successfully of the SSD.... I have no experience with setting up in combination with vmware machines...
  6. Hi Rodriced; After all, I find that the E6410 package files of Duduclx found in the guide on page 1 are now working perfectly. The Alesis DSDT.aml you look for you find here in my post of Jan 13th here at 03:17pm... Let me know how you are doing with that. Cheers, Bart
  7. Hi All, I have my E6410 now working as per Duduclx Guide, with use of the latest package files; Duduclx Rocks !!! If I can help anyone here in return let me know. Have a great day, Bart
  8. Here is a screen dump of the last bit of text before the screen goes dark. Any idea ? fixedregions is off in config.plist Thanks, Merci, Bart
  9. Can the shut down problem be in my config.plist or DSDT.aml? I attached the ones I use now.... Cheers config.plist.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  10. Update; I succeeded in getting the audio to work with the audio pkg file from your package Dudclx; Great! The last thing to fix is that the laptop doesn't shut down; if you select shutdown, it ends in a black screen, but the computer stays powered on. Could I have made an error in the settings, because it did shut down properly before. Salut, Bart
  11. Hi Duduclx; Thanks for your info again; I managed the battery indicator to work; Another bit solved 2 things are not working yet; my "Normal Audio"; I might have inserted the wrong audio kext for this. Is there a particular kext I need to insert ? And after I got the battery indicator to work, I notice the computer does not shut down anymore... What to do :-) Cheers, Bart
  12. Cool; I re-run the config.plist as per duducls's guide here on the first page, and now I have the battery indicator intermittently working; sometimes it gives a 'X' in the battery indicator, and then when I go to the preferences panel it starts to work again... interesting, not too important though. Anybody working on the audio patch ? Cheers, Salut, Bart
  13. Hi All -- back home with some time for this project.... @duduclx; I understand you do not use the audio on your E6410; Is it a lot of work to patch that ? In my case my son will use the E6410 and I want him to be educated with all the David Bowie music around ;-) .... I will try to make it work as well, but my knowledge is not (yet) sufficient.... Nice evening, Bart
  14. Guys am working abroad 6 days; will catch up with you next week.... Happy experimenting Bart
  15. - ACPIBatteryManager.kext doesn't seem to work under 10.11.2 in my case. Anyone a solution for this ? Bart Hi Peejaygee; My experience so far with Virtual machines have not been successful at all...