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  1. hey folks, i have a problem after installing xcode. ig et a kernel panic on chudkernellib. pls help me i need the mac os x now ^^
  2. hi, after installing xcode i get kernel panic. something with chud or so. pls help
  3. EFI only or does this one work without EFI?
  4. 10.5.2 for the AMD impatient

    aky thank you i'll giv it a try but you said that EFI v8 is necessary for 9.2.0. does that mean that i have to wait every time 2min with the 9.1.0 til the desktop comes up?
  5. 10.5.2 update causes Blue Screen AMD

    yesterday i could install the update until it tells me that i should restart but then it changed to the blue screen... i replaced the kernel with my old 9.1.0 ToH and the ACPIPlatform, SMBios and System.kext. If i boot with the option -v -f (or -v -f -legacy) it shows me first some initialising things which are ok but then there are many lines auf this thing: Code signing: cs_invalid_page: p=140[lssave] clearing CS_VALID the p starts with 117 til 140 and the thing in [..] changes sometimes to mdworker or ATserver if i boot with option -v (or -v -legacy) it shows me a kernel panic which says that he can't find the driver for this Platform ACPI. i think i repaired the permissions using that script by booting with -s -f: cd /System/Library/Extensions chmod -R 755 * && chown -R root:wheel * what cani do pls help
  6. Hey guys, i've tried to install the update with netkas tut and this from macgirl but with no luck. during the installation, the screen flips from the normal desktop to a blank blue screen. after some seconds, it appears the spinning ball and the pc does nothing anymore. what can i do solve this problem ? amd 4000+ nforce 4 7800gt --> using NVinject whith leo nvidia kexts --> i deleted the natit kext but i'm not shure if this is the right nvinject installation pls help
  7. 10.5.2 for the AMD impatient

    yes that would be great because until the release of such a package i'll giv up the update ^^
  8. 10.5.2 for the AMD impatient

    thank u all for the big tutorial but i've XP . The 2nd thing is, that i only have the ToH not Zer... DVD. So now i installed mac os 10 times without any success of getting 10.5.2. Maybe i should wait for a installer package like this one for 10.5.1 ^^. Edit: during the 10.5.2 update it shows me a blank blue screen with the spinning ball and nothing happens. i don't know whats wrong do you have a solution for that event? PS: how long do you need to get into the setup of the Leopard DVD? On my pc it takes ages
  9. 10.5.2 for the AMD impatient

    how can i setup efi on amd and will my windows boot with efi also?
  10. 10.5.2 for the AMD impatient

    thx i'll try it. i don't fix the permisson but i choose the right kernel and i thought that the installer copied the dsmos und system kext. maybe it worx now. why should i boot with -legacy? btw: do i need EFI ?
  11. 10.5.2 for the AMD impatient

    Hi max33 i've tried the new kernel but i got kernel panic on boot. my 2nd prob is getting a blue screen like this one at login after the 10.5.2 update. how can i fix that oO. specs: amd 4000+ abit fatal1ty an8 ali geforce 7800gt
  12. 10.5.2 for the AMD impatient

    one question... i do not have a "dsmos.kext" or "r3d3.kext". what should i replace for de "dont steal ... .kext". or were can i get the dsmos.kext?
  13. same problem ... loading kext's --> reboot every time pls help amd athlon xp mobile 2600+
  14. leopard_patched wont boot

    i have the ToH rc2 dvd installed on a targa laptop ( amd 2600+ , 9600 mobility etc ). when I try to boot it reboots after loading the kexts or shortly after showing apple screen. can help anyone? sry for bad english