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  1. Hi, I installed Kalyway Tiger to a drive, and it boots perfectly. Months later, I installed Kalyway Leopard to a second drive, and it installed and also boots perfectly (both drives are SATA). I am using the built in Boot selection process offered by the BadAxe2 Bios. When I boot to TIGER, I can see the LEOPARD drive perfectly fine. When I boot to LEOPARD, the TIGER drive is there, however the partitions are non existent, and as a result, I can't access any of the data. Here are my diskutility screencaps from tiger: The next three screen caps are frrom within LEOPARD. Any idea what's going on here? Can leopard simply not recognize a drive formatted MBR as opposed to GUID? Thanks guys, Phil
  2. Actually, no. The hard drives are gray in Leopard and Tiger. I'm attaching screen captures from Disk Utility, when booted in LEOPARD as you can see, it doesn't see the partitions of that drive, at all... The second three shots are from within Tiger.
  3. First, thanks to Kalyway, and BJMoose and everyone else for being so great with helping others in the OSx86 community. If there was a tip jar for you guys, I would happily contribute. Second, I tried my best to search both the forums, and google at large, to make sure that someone else hadn't already solved this problem. Searches for "Leopard Won't Recognize", "Dual boot tiger leopard", "Two Drives", etc, turned up nothing. So, I hope I am not infringing too much by asking. The Brief Synopsis: Two Internal Drives (SATA), one with a Leopard install, one with Tiger. If I boot to Tiger, it sees the Leopard disk, in addition to its own. If I boot to Leopard, I ONLY see the Leopard disk. What I have tried: Installing PC-EFIV.8 to the Leopard Disk. The longer breakdown: I had a Kalyway 10.4.1 install on my first disk, a 500gig Seagate SATA. I decided I needed a newer, bigger drive (1TB Western Digital Caviar Black), and I figured I'd go ahead and install Leopard (Kalyway 10.5.2) on it, since it would be a low-risk install. So, I disconnected the Tiger drive, connected the blank drive, inserted the kalyway 10.5.2 DVD, and installed Tiger, following BJMoose's directions (GUID not MBR). Vanilla Install, NVidia, bingo. The install went perfectly. So I connected my second (Tiger) drive, and booted up, and it booted the Tiger drive. I checked the BIOS to see if I could affect the boot order, and made sure that the Leopard drive was the first SATA in the "Chain". Still booted the Tiger drive. Keep in mind, I could always see the second drive, but if I went into Settings and tried to select which drive for the Startup Disk, NEITHER drive showed up. When the machine boots, I get the option to hit SPACEBAR and choose which drive to boot from. I can boot to either Tiger, or Leopard (which is kind of cool I guess), but I can't boot to LEOPARD and still see the Tiger disk. And it defaults to TIGER. Some facts from Diskutility TIGER DISK: Device 1. Partition Type: Fdisk_partition_scheme Disk 0, partition, 0. LEOPARD DISK: Device 0 Partition Type: GUID_partition_scheme Disk 1, Partition 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Phil
  4. thanks for keeping us posted. I'm watching on my brand new Badaxe/q6600 10.4.10 install (Kalyway), but eagerly eyeing leopard. Phil