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  1. couleurs

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Does anyone know if this works with a RX580 too? It uses the AMD9500controller.kext instead of AMD10000controller.kext so we should be able to inject similar values? I want to undervolt and adjust the fan curve... I'm using a Sapphire RX580 4GB Pulse and it works great in Windows 10 using latest AMD drivers but in macOS 10.14 the card runs +5c hotter and fans start to spin up 20% when the card hits 50c. I have tried editing the BIOS using Polaris Editor (undervolt, adjust mhz, fans etc) which works fine in Windows (confirmed in GPU-Z and AMD Wattman) but in macOS the AMD9500controller.kext seems to take over BIOS settings and adjust to its own defaults!!
  2. Ah OK. I thought I was alone. Seems like a weird glitch -- it would be nice to have a fix for it sometime but it's already much better than before. Thanks for the guide!
  3. I followed the guide and got my 2nd stage boot screen 95% working but for some reason my monitor still blinks blank before the logo/loading screen finishes? Before it did the same but I didn't have the logo/loading screen properly centred as it just showed the bar on the bottom left hand corner. I'm guessing this is an EDID issue with my monitor?