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  1. I have the same issue with everything. It's usually when I start multi tasking, but it mainly just happens randomly. And games work great on here, if they're not older games. If anyone knows how to fix this bug, PLEASE someone reply. I'm thinking different SMBios? Or Kernel maybe?
  2. So, I am running Kalyway OS X 10.5.2 updated to 10.5.5 via AMD Software update. The problem that I am having is the login window doesn't open sometimes. Sometimes I get the login background and sometimes it's just a blue screen with no cursor. And that's the weird part. Everything is only SOMETIMES. It can be fixed simply by rebooting, but over time it has gotten worse and worse. Is this a bug that anyone has a patch for or knows how to fix? It did this before I updated to 10.5.5, too. So that shouldn't be the issue. Though, I believe the system itself was more stable before the update... I'm using the Natit kext if that has anything to do with it.
  3. Change Mac OS X Version easily

    HEY GUYS! So... this is a little question I have. I have Leopard 10.5.2 installed on my System and there's a nice little program I want to run that requires 10.5.3. So, I remembered this program and thought that it should do the trick. Has there been a newer version released to do such a thing that would work on leopard? Or, could I just make my own little version package of my own in there? I guess what I'm asking is, does this work on Leopard at all?
  4. iTunes 8

    Hey guys and gals. Suspecting that it was probably just going to crash when I installed it, I updated iTunes today. It opened up to let me agree to the licensing and all that, but as I suspected it would do, it crashes whenever I try to open it. I know it's only been out for hours, but does anyone know how to fix this? Just out of curiosity, I have Kalyway 10.5.2 installed on a spare drive. I'm going to update to 10.5.4 using 4minds updater. Then try it. I'll let you all know how it turned out.
  5. Hello to all... Becoming fet up with the whole ApplePS2Keyboard kext simply not working in my Daughter's laptop, I started looking around for a way to use a driver from any Linux distributions. What I'm thinking is, both operating systems are based on Unix. I know there would be a lot of editing and customizing, but I'm sure it's possible. Has anyone attempted this, or has it been an utter failure?
  6. Current OS X Version: 10.5.2 Desktop/Laptop? Desktop Prebuilt? No Install Methods summary: (List all methods tested, check preferred method - the one you are writing about now) Does EFI and/or the Vanilla kernel work? partitioned as MBR, EFI v8 + Sleep Kernel with Kalyway 10.5.2 Motherboard Manufacturer: ASUS Motherboard Model: K8N Chipset: NVIDIA nForce3 250 BIOS Version: , Revision: AI BIOS, CrashFree BIOS 2 BIOS setup options: Set as default Audio: AC '97 Patch LAN: Onboard fried. Using Realtek 8 series PCI card. SATA & IDE: Use all chipset patches but nVidia. (Weird, huh?) Processor Processor Model: Athlon64 3400+ skt 754 Speed: 2.2 GHz Recognized as what in System Profiler: 2.2 GHz Unknown Video Card (if you have integrated and PCI/AGP, use this template twice) What type of card (PCI Express/AGP/PCI/Integrated): AGP NVIDIA/ATI/Intel? NVIDIA Model: Geforce 6800GT512 Memory: 512 MB Board Manufacturer: Patches used: Natit QE/CI: Unknown All resolutions available? Yes Other Accessories (USB/FIREWIRE) Type (Webcam, External Sound Card, USB bluetooth dongle, etc.): Webcam Name: Generic SPCA561A Manufacturer: iMicro Works? (Y/N, if "Y", list patches, if needed) Works with Macam 0.9.2 Patches/Work out of the box? Yes Note: This took me 7 months to get the system running with Leopard. I had been running Jas Tiger 10.4.8 for the longest time, but couldn't get leopard running. After a lot of frustration, what I ended up doing since the machine would panic because of the NforceNvidia kext, I installed every chipset patch except for the Nforce patches. Unbelievably, it works beatifully. Even noticable performance difference from Tiger. It's running great.
  7. I had this same issue and I can confirm that not installing network drivers on install solved the issue. Thank you.
  8. leopard install on amd64 clawhammer

    Leo4All didn't work for me and I have an AMD Athlon 64 3400+ with a skt 754. I have tried Leo4All, Zephyroth, Kalyway and iDeneb. The most succesfull is iDeneb. I at least get the installer to load. It even installs. But it panics on boot. I have however gotten Jas Tiger 10.4.8. But that's the best I can do.