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  1. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hi there, I´ve been working with Leo for a few months, and everything works fairly well, but after installing the 10.5.3 update my network slowed down a lot, before transfering big files from the MS server was fairly fast, around 9mb/s, right now the fastest it goes is 4mb/s. And a bigger issue, I´ve got an ADSL2+ connection it syncs close to 15000 but my downloads in Leo are capped at 206kb/s, for example downloading simultaneously 6 files from RS max speed is 206, BT at 180kb + Downloading from RS + Browsing = 206, any ideas on what´s going on? Thanks!
  2. Hi there! I´m having a weird problem after installing the update. Right now the Connect to server command is working. Everytime I try to use it it pops a window telling me that ¨The text entered does not appear to be a recognized URL format¨ I´m trying to connect to my PC´s share with smb://192.168.102 Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hi guys, I´m having a weird problem after installing the SATA fix, now my 2 SATA drives change their BSD whenever they want, sometimes my OS disk is disk0s1 and sometimes disk1s1???? any ideas? Thanks
  4. lol Thanks for the answer, I just installed EFI 8 and I´ll be trying again tonight. Edit 1: I´ve tried everything, using both plist, original kexts, modded kexts... but the screen always shut´s down, the system works well, it even sleeps but no screen and I tried connecting 2 screens. It works well with NVinject, so i don´t know what could be the problem. Any ideas?
  5. Hi guys, I´m having a slight problem with the card, I had it working with NVinject, but I always wanted to simplify and use EFI, I did all the necessary steps but when I boot up the screen shut´s down, I tried both ports, original kexts and the ones provided here but nothing works, could it be that you need the EFI 8? or it works with the one that came with iAtkos? Anyway great guide!
  6. Take One, Leave One

    Star Trek ---------- Caviar or Barracuda
  7. Can I run a Q6600 @ 3GHz with stock fan?

    If its´s a G0 and you have great airflow it should be possible, but not recommended. I would go for a Ninja or Thermal, if you want a cheap option the Artic Cooling Freeze 7 Pro is the best money-performance one.
  8. Take One, Leave One

    skim all the pages -------------------- tablet PC or standard laptop
  9. Modular Power Supply

    Check www.silentpcreview.com there´s a PS review with the most silent ones in the market.
  10. Aperture 2 hackintosh

    Installs and works well, except when you connect a camera and then it hangs
  11. q6600 cpus=1 and other

    My Q6600 works well with Kaly and iAtkos, Kaly takes way longer that iAtkos to start but both work. Try iAtkos
  12. Instalar vista y leopard

    Utiliza diskpart para hacer activa la segunda particion e instala leopard. En mis ordenadores la instalación es siempre asi, primero Vista en la segunda particion y luego Leo en la primera, hay que acordarse de hacer activa la primera. Una vez instalado Darwin me presenta con 2 opciones 1- Leo y 2- Vista.
  13. This is an easy one, download the Pro Click driver from razer, the V1.6 is the same mouse! http://www.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=d...d=108&nav=0 I´ve been using this driver for awhile and everithing works well, BTW I have the Diamondback Acid Green.
  14. Take One, Leave One

    Pepperoni ------------- BBQ pizza or Meat Lovers