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  1. Once I have this installed and working how would I update it? Isn't there a certain way and certain files you must use to accomplish this?
  2. We installed the older version of ToH Leopard one of the first releases I got it back in Decemeber of last year, and I had it installed and working perfectly on a different computer but formatted and now I would like it back but when I installed it using a friend's DVD it won't boot back. I am guessing its a bootloader problem or something of that sort but now it won't boot without the DVD in. So.. I was wondering where I could get a bootloader or something that I could burn to a CD or something since I don't have the DVD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. AMD Patch

    Ok so I have downloaded the ToH Version of Mac Leopard and im getting this error. AppleNForce ATA::free(0x4578200) The computer I that is trying to install on the specs are. 2 Gigs of RAM AMD Athlon 64x2 5600+ So I know there are patches but which one do you think I need? Thanks
  4. Okay I was wondering if there was a way to switch the iSight camera around. Anytime i record something it is always mirrored, is there a way to edit this or change it around in the settings or something. And now for my iMovie question, I made a movie in iMovie HD 6 and tried to import it to iMovie '08 but when I import it all that comes up is my picture that is in the movie there is no sound or anything just that one picture. Now there should be a .MOV video clip then the picture while the picture is showing it should be playing audio also. But all that comes up is my picture. What am I doing wrong?
  5. NetGear USB WiFi Adapter

    ok thanx i will try it i just dont know how it will work out with the wg111t which is what i have. leopard doesnt seem to be very stable for me, i was guessing it was like that because it was hacked. So i am probably going to try tiger i think i have already said that but i just dont really feel like downloading it. so this will be the 3rd time i reinstall it so hopefully this one wont crash it. thanx for your help when i get home i will be sure to try it out.
  6. NetGear USB WiFi Adapter

    Yeah it didnt work it always said program is not responding or something. I crashes my system though so i gotta reinstall it. Any other suggestions that could possibly work? thanx
  7. NetGear USB WiFi Adapter

    thanx man ill try that and let you know how it works out. i just downloaded it from there website.
  8. NetGear USB WiFi Adapter

    Ok so i finally got OSx86 Leopard running on my computer, but the only problem now that i didnt think of before was that Mac probably doesnt have a wireless driver for a NetGear WG111T USB 2.0 WiFi Adapter. So i googled it with no luck and was wondering if anyone knew if someone had hacked it to work on Mac or if that was even possible. This would be the only way i could get internet from the computer in my room. thanx
  9. Help With Leopard.

    hey i wanted to thank you burning it again helped i guess i booted it and it loaded and i walked off and just let it do what it was gonna do and came back and it was on the installation screen. its at like 15 minutes left but just wanted to stop by and say so far i have a working leopard install but havent tested it i will update once i test it.
  10. Help With Leopard.

    Well when i was using VMware i was using the straight ISO off my computer. But with the DvD it was doing the same thing.. please dont tell me my Leopard is corrupt..
  11. Help With Leopard.

    Ok it didnt work here is the screen im getting. I have tryed it booting with my normal comp and i get the same thing so i did it in VMware so i could take a screenshot of it. Im not sure whats going on. Hope you can help me. Looks like i may end up having to go with Tiger instead or i there something im doing wrong or is there anything i can do to fix my problem. Oo and thanx for the answer about that earlier question we figured that out after a while and figured windows just could read the files so it was only showing the boot files of the DvD. heres the screen shot: http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa252/J...One/dgnsdgn.jpg
  12. Help With Leopard.

    yeah well im not sure. i burnt it twice and both times it went from a 4.37gb file to a 482kb DVD... i dont think thats right
  13. Help With Leopard.

    okay i will. so once i get this downloading can i just use nero and burn it as a normal ISO then boot from it is that all. Cause i have a separate HDD im putting it on so i just swap my HDDs and pop it in my drive and let it boot right?
  14. Help With Leopard.

    ooo sry here it is if this is what yoru wanting? Link to Picture of CPU, CACHE, and MAINBOARD:http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa252/JusTheOne/CPU-CACHE-MAINBOARD.jpg
  15. Help With Leopard.

    Okay, first of all I'm new to the whole hackintosh scene so im learning as I go. I have found this guide http://suprbay.org/showthread.php?p=74513 and it had a link for a torrent on it, so I read the guide and realized it was what I was looking for. So I started the download and started reading around the web and have found various types or have heard of them I have not once seen download links for anything. Anyways my torrent is at like 52% and decided I should probably post on this forum and see if I had the right version and if my computer would be able to run Leopard, or if I should step down and run Tiger first. So my first question is, is this a valid version and is that a correct guide that would work and not mess my computer all up. Second question is my computer able to run ANY version of OSx86 I posted a link to my results of running CPU-Z. And I would just like to say thank you if you can or can't help me. Thanks for your effort. Screenshot: http://img150.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cpuzsb0.png