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  1. Via Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/5109902/msi-encourages-...rs-for-the-wind
  2. syrian_gamer

    Mac Survey

    done. gl with ur MBA
  3. syrian_gamer

    Mac or PC? (Laptop)

    the key argument here is that you want to play games. I would get a PC based laptop because it would be much cheaper and run better then the new macbooks in terms of GPU power
  4. syrian_gamer

    iSight in Windows?

    It works 100% under bootcamp with msn messenger. If you are booting using VMware then its just an issue of getting vmware to recognize it. give it a shot and see if it works
  5. Hello Everybody. First let me just say that OSx86 really is a gateway drug to apple. After running Kalyway on my pc i have since bought a macbook recently. Here is my problem. Under OS X everything works great. However when i go to windows XP (using bootcamp) I keep having to press the alt button to tab, or alt f4. However, being a long time windows user, this feels as if i am pressing win +f4, or win+tab. Is there a program out there that will let me switch the inputs of the command key with the alt key under windows? i have tried input remapper but I dont seem to understand how it works. Any help
  6. syrian_gamer

    windows- ctrl + c instead of alt + c

    ok now is there any way to do the opposite? have the same switch but in windows :S?
  7. 3 words my friend, DownloadThemAll
  8. syrian_gamer

    Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    ok im too lazy to search if anyone mentioned this, it seems kinda new. Here is a guide to installing it on the Dell mini 9 http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2008/10/13519/
  9. syrian_gamer

    R.I.P Prawker

    i never really got to know Prawker personaly, but i did listen to his audio clip of him calling Apple tech, freaking hilarious. Its always a sad event when somebody is taken too soon from us. R.I.P Prawker
  10. syrian_gamer

    New MBP and MB designs?

    yeah new product, but if its just a slight bump in cpu speed and fsb for ram i wouldnt mind. but what if its macbook air design on a macbook? ie aluminum and backlite keyboard! thats all i want from apple
  11. Macbooks are getting refreshed sometime in the fall with new processors and aluminum casing. At least that's what I've been hearing for who knows how long. well here is the problem with that. Apple is running a back to school special between june 3rd to september 13th which is buy a macbook and get a free ipod touch. so im guessing if they DO come out with new ones it will be after that date. and if they did that would tootaly suck since im buying mine this summer and am dying for a backlite keyboard! oh well i could always sell it and pay the difference, great thing about mac, they dont depreciate in value as fast as pcs
  12. syrian_gamer

    Team Fortress 2 on a Macbook?

    aww that sucks. I really wish Nvidia would put some of their new low power cards on these macbooks. honestly intel sucks at making video cards. intel w/ video cards = epic fail
  13. syrian_gamer

    Team Fortress 2 on a Macbook?

    yeah i assumed the best results would require me to use boot camp which i would have no issues with. i was just curious if anyone had it working and what their experience with it was
  14. syrian_gamer

    Team Fortress 2 on a Macbook?

    Hey im planing on getting a macbook. And i was just wondering if anybody has tried Team Fortress 2 on a macbook with the x3100 lame intel video card. Does anybody know how it handels on VM? How about dual boot?
  15. syrian_gamer

    Taking the plunge into Mac

    Hey Congrats i hope you like your mac. Im planning on buying a macbook for college and university and i will also be takign advantage of the free ipod touch. i honestly dont know what im waiting for to go buy it