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  1. Firewire sound card Freeze ups

    I've got the exact same problem. (but i'm transferring DV via firewire) nForce 680i mobo, q6600 quad-core. Booting with cpus=1 gives me a steady firewire transwer, no problems at al. This is my only remaining issue with 10.5.6. My onboard-LAN freezes are resolved with the latest nforcelan from Eno. Or did you already solve it somehow?
  2. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Looks like it's sorted out, after I installed the voodoo kernel in the root folder to setup vmware fusion, parallels suddenly worked. I wil do some reproduction later this week to be sure what has triggered it to work. And a big thanks to the community: after one and a half year I finally have a (so far....) stable leopard installation! (thanks to the voodoo kernel, eno's nForceLAN and Apple's 10.5.6) This is a great day for me!!!!!!!!
  3. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Is parallels desktop supposed to work with the latest official voodoo? (does the kernel need to be named /mach_kernel just like with fusion?) I get a kernel panic on "com.parallels.kext.prl_hypervisor" as soon as i want to start a VM. (have googled, nothing found so far) will try to get a picture of the panic up soon... edit: here is a screen picture of the kernel panic
  4. Well, it works for me... Asus striker Extreme (nforce680i), Core2quad Q6600, realtek gigabit pci-card PNY Quadro FX 3500 (EFI string in boot.plist on EFI partition) Kernel: voodoo final release 1 Kexts on EFI: - AppleNforceATA (version 1.0.3 I think) - SMBIOSenabler - dsmos.kext - CPUPMdisabler.kext (i could leave this out because kernel has extension-blocking feature) using latest version of bootloader partition from first post, and always carefully following the steps given in howto. Boot partition is a vannilla 10.5.4 install updated with delta updater to 10.5.5 I only have 2 problems left: 1: BIG PROBLEM: I've got a PNY Quadro FX 3500, and i'm using it with an EFI-string in boot.plist on the EFI-partition. (CI/QE works like a charm) But, but when doing some copying over the network my mouse starts stuttering, beachball appaears, and the screen freezes (the first couple of seconds i can still move the mouse, but within 10 seconds it becomes uncontrollable) log always says: VChannel(GL): Graphics channel timeout! or VChannel(GL): Graphics channel exeption! (I also get these errors with drop-in releases (except for iAtkos v4i, but had no succes with using kexts from that install), but after days of searching for a solution and trying everything possible I'm asking here.) Maybe someone has got an idea. 2. smaller problem: can't get my audio (AD1988B) to work from efi-partition. used different appleHDA versions&patchers and Azalia kexts, to no avail. Any howto on creating my own efi-string or patched appleHDA, search didn't help me much. edit: regarding audio, i found some useful info in here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...7819&st=100 I started trying to get a good install since 10.5.0 was released, but always got the graphics channel problem. Don't need step by step help, just a direction where to look for solutions. any help greatly appreciated!
  5. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    I use this extension on OsX 10.4.11 Tiger with the Semthex 8.8.1 kernel... and i'm experiencing the same freezes. So it seems its not only a problem with leopard. they look random, but most of the time occur during or a minute after some heavy network load. (till now: when itunes (network shared music) and safari were used at the same time. MB: Asus Striker Extreme (680i chipset) CPU: intel C2D Q 6600 (all 4 cores enabled) I installed the following modified kexts: - Titan (for geforce QuadroFX 3500) - Apple nforce ATA : removed SATA dev-id, else is crashed osx. - Nforcenetworking: gives a warning at startup that the device is not known to work...continuing anyway - AppleAzalia maybe I'm looking over something, but the problem seems to be the same. I'm quite new to this whole hackintosh thing.... trying to get my Tiger stable before installing leo If i can help...give me a sign....