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  1. I just installed Sierra 10.12.1 and Nvidia Web Driver - 367.15.10.15f03 --> build 16B2657 but the system/screen keeps crashing. The system is using a EVGA GTX 970 and MSI X99-A SLI PLUS. Is there a way to install older versions of the web driver? I get an error about how the older drivers cannot be installed when i try to run them. It works without crashing when using the OS X native driver. But the native driver doesn't allow me to set the resolution to 2560x1280, and the second monitor has no display signal. Also the video output keeps flickering. What should I do? Any kext that can solve the nvidia web driver problem?
  2. Hi everyone! I have a X99 Haswell-E system and a GTX 970 with Sierra macOS installed. However after installing the nVidia web drivers (367.15.10.05f01) and logging in to desktop, the screen freezes within a 30 seconds. The mouse can often still move about, before freezing completely within a minute. The system then reboots or logs out (depending on the boot flags I chosen I think). Sometimes when the desktop disappears, some words on the console appears: AMFI: allowing exception handler for `WindowServer` (135) because SIP is disabled. NVDA(Private): Channel exception! Exception type = 0x1f Access Violation Error (MMU Error 2) NVDA: Channel Info: [7, 0x9, 0x7, 0x125] NVDA: Version Info: [com.nvidia.web.GeForceWeb, 10.1.3, 0x4e554e, 21177899, 367.15.10.05f01, 1] NVDA: MMU Error: FAULT_PTE at 0x506c02000 There is no UI freeze when using the original mac OS display drivers. The freeze happens only when using nVidia Web drivers. Boot Options Boot Arguments -v slide=0 darkwake=0 npci=0x3000 nvda_drv=1 kext-dev-mode=1 PCIRootUID=1 PCI Devices USB Ownership USB Injection Inject ClockID CPU tuning Halt Enabler GeneratePStates GEnerateCStates EnableC2 EnableC4 EnableC6 Graphics Injector Use NVIDIA WEB drivers Binaries patching Kext patching allowed Kernel patching allowed Kernel Haswell-E patch AppleRTC Patch Kexts Installed AppleIntelE1000e.kext AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext FakeSMC.kext RealtekRTL8111.kext USBInjectAll.kext drivers64UEIF EmuVariableUefi-64 FSInject-64 HFSPlus OsxAptioFix2Drv-64 OsxFatBinaryDrv-64 VBoxHfs-64 SMBIOS is iMac14,2. Tried 11.1, 15.1, 16.1 but the monitor loses video signals during boot. Installed AGDPFix 1.3 even though its for iMac6.1? But that does not solve the freezing problem. It will freeze and log out. Logging in again and moving windows somehow causes freeze and logout. I bought a 970 because the 1080 that was originally installed is not supported yet. But 970 is giving problems too! Sounds like a Fermi Freeze? But 970 is Maxwell! Will El Capitan be more compatible? Any help greatly appreciated!
  3. nyxynyx

    El Capitan with ralink USB device?

    I cannot seem to drag `DWA-140WirelessUtility.prefPane` into the directory /S/L/P, it shows a stop sign on the icon when trying to drop the file. Any ideas?