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  1. Try adding a partition and making your boot partition less than 500gb. Install Chameleon. Remove the extra partition and expand the main partition. should boot
  2. You need to remove AppleHDA.kext when using voodoohda.kext.
  3. Dell Inspiron 530 successful update to 10.6.3 I just ran the update and repaired extensions at boot, all is good. Q6600 Nvidia 9600GT Using FakeSMC.kext 2.5, voodoohda.kext nvdarwin.kext
  4. Install SNOW LEOPARD 10.6 on ACER ASPIRE ONE D250

    I just put a DW1390 card in the second slot to try it and it works. Are you yours works?
  5. Install SNOW LEOPARD 10.6 on ACER ASPIRE ONE D250

    The bottom pcie slot is a normal pcie slot. It has no hardware control to turn on or off a device. Pin 20 controls on/off feature. If you tape over it, the device will always be on. I am using an Apple Airport Extreme (Broadcom) full height card in the second slot and it works very well. You need to get antenna wires to it, I rerouted the built in ones.
  6. Install SNOW LEOPARD 10.6 on ACER ASPIRE ONE D250

    I used NetbookBootMaker 0.8.3 to create the os install. For sleep, I updated the bios to 1.25 and use sleepenabler.kext for 10.6.2. For mic, i use voodoohda.kext and use the prefpane to adjust the monitor level for the mic. I used the existing white wire and rerouted it to the second pcie slot. I cut the black coax and spliced a length from an old laptop using solder and shrink tube.
  7. Install SNOW LEOPARD 10.6 on ACER ASPIRE ONE D250

    I have 10.6.2 working with sleep and wifi. I used netbookinstaller for the bootloader and os install. for wifi, i used two methods. first, i took apart the machine and replaced the half-height pcie wifi card with a dell 1510 wifi card. worked ok but the card had weak reception. second, I removed this card and installed an apple airport extreme full height in the second pcie slot. I extended the antenna wires to reach it and taped over pin 20 on the card so its always on - link. works great. i used voodoohda.kext to enable audio. nice little netbook.
  8. Installing on RAID

    Bios raid is not possible but software raid is. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=160467
  9. Works great on dell inspiron 530 quad and dell studio 1735. Had to remove dsmos.kext and sleepenabler.kext.
  10. wireless keyboard and mouse range

    I bought the wireless mouse and keyboard with my new macpro. The have sat in a drawer since day two. Worst setup ever. Wired works great.
  11. Apple Keyboard

    Hold down the fn key to use f1 though f12 at boot. Also, on a few machines I had to turn on "legacy" or "low speed" usb to make the keyboard work. Still had to use the fn key to access the f-keys at boot
  12. Intel GMA3100

    I had errors too. The file was still generated and I assume the errors were really just warnings regarding hardware I didn't care about - like the card reader. It worked for me with errors/warnings, worth a shot.
  13. Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    I couldn't get it working without the sleep helper app. This is how i did it: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185470
  14. Intel GMA3100

    This is what I have done to get gma x3100 working on a Dell Studio 1735 with gma x3100 graphics. It also worked on a cheap acer. Requires no hacked apple kexts. See attached file. 1. Copy all AppleIntelGMA* from System/Library/Extensions files as a backup. I use /vidfiles. 2. Remove AppleIntelGMA* from System/Library/Extensions to boot with no graphics driver. 3. Create dsdt.aml file using DSDTPatcherGui and put in /Extra when booted with no graphics driver. 4. Install AppleIntelGMA* files from backup. 5. Install Natit.kext. 6. Install Screen Sleeper Solution. 7. Run kext utility. 8. Repair permissions. 9. reboot dell1735gmax3100.zip