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  1. MacPro rumours

    What's your expectations for the next coming few months regarding the macpro ? Would anyone venture guessing when they would be refreshed and speculate with what components ?
  2. Fear me.

    Excellent ! I have a N95 and I have almost never used the camera... I will now, thanks to you !
  3. As I try in photography

    Nice. It would be even better with a big yellow cab or something esle a bit closer. Or the empty road, but then shot horizonal with a super wide angle.
  4. You may want to buy a copy of superduper, don't know if it works on a hackintosh though.
  5. What the &^ does this has to do with photography and/or OSX ?
  6. KALYWAY 10.5.1 and Speedstep

    anyone ?
  7. Your Greatest Photos

    Thanks ! I did use a fisheye indeed !
  8. P5W dh deluxe ethernet problems!

    It took me 3 *&$^^ nights to figure it out, and I'm stil not sure of what made it as I changed so many times the data for my vendor ID. You will find in this forum that you need to edit a Info.plist in the AppleYukon.kext folder (my id was 436211ab). It took me so long to realise there is an AppleYukon2.kext with Leopard that never worked for me, but I eventually also installed an AppleYukon.kext from this same forum. That last one did not work neither until I re-enabled the second ethernet port in the Bios !! So indeed, play with setting on port off, then inverse, then both on - after each time you patch files... very time consuming but at the end it worked for me. If your user id is the same as mine, I'd be happy to PM you my files. Good luck. Ralph
  9. Same issue with an Asus PW5 DH wich is supposed to work out to of the box :-(
  10. resolv.conf is cheeky....

    HHHHHaaaaahhhaaa ! I know what's happening..... it works on the docking station / port replicator because ..... there was a power supply attached to it !!! So I tried my laptop off the station, but with power and ..... ethernet works !! I wish I would find a fix to it, because I need a power supply to boot my laptop but this is a good progress anyhow. Hope this may be usefull to someone else someday. Ralph
  11. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    I guess I should call myself lucky as it works for me on a Fujitsu-Siemens latop. Well, no MAC address but if I add it I'm fine.... ....that's when I boot from the docking station ! I won't get the network to work if I boot without docking station. The ethernet is still recognised, but it does not go 'up'. Adding the mac address and ifconfig en0 up works, but I can't ping my default gateway. I also don't have a /var/run/resolv.conf Has anyone seen the situation where the system does not configure the same device the same way depending if the laptop is on a docking station or not ? As far I could see using a linux live cd, I have the same mac address with and without docking station....
  12. resolv.conf is cheeky....

    Confirmed, only one NIC. I used a linux live CD (Knoppix) to boot and it gives me the same MAC address with and without the docking station. I tried to manually add a default route but it's useless because I can't even ping (my router) Ralph
  13. resolv.conf is cheeky....

    That's a weird one.... I'm running the latest kalyway and pretty much all is working fine on my laptop. Ethernet is recognized, I just have to add the mac address every time I boot but then I can surft the net, resolve names and so on.... That's on my docking station, which I believe is just a pass through from the laptop. If I try to boot with the laptop alone, the networking card will be detected but won't be running. I get a beachball spinning forever, and the whole machine is very slow. I can manage to get a shell, and each command takes 30 seconds to run but I could find out something strange: the card is down, so I did an ifconfig en0 up that brought the network up, but I could not resolve anything as the /etc/resolv.conf does not exist. (the symlink is there, the real file has not been created by whatever creates it) So it's like the startup scripts are not the same with the machine off the docking station. Which is really weird. I could not find anything obvious in the log... All of this is using DHCP, from the same location/cable etc.... Has someone seen that before ?? Thx Ralph
  14. Kalyway p5w dh ethernet probs

    here we go, count me as an extra member ;-)
  15. No Display on laptop without extrnal monitor

    maybe I am then ;-)