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  1. ivoryblade

    Imac 27" (Late 2012) + Clover + MacOS on NVME SSD

    Yes indeed I was planing to use another device that is supported for clover. Maybe someone knows any other Thunderbolt1-PciEX adapter instead of Helios?
  2. Hello! My internal SSD lifetime is running out so I'm thinking how to upgrade it. I don't want to replace it with slow Sata SSD so I want to buy OWCMercury Helios and install new nvme fast ssd, but I won't be able to boot from it using standard boot loader.... Is it possible to boot nvme ssd using Clover on real iMac?
  3. I'm trying to migrate my current hackintosh to nvme without installation.
  4. Hello! I need some help. My mackintosh runs on Kingston HyperX Pci-Ex disk (not NVME) and now i'm trying to upgrade to Plextor PX-256M8PeY. I've tried to created patched kext following this guide but i get kernel panic at boot with this kext placed in /EFI/Clover/10.12 folder and Plextor SSD plugged in. I've read in the article that Plextor needs some other patching but i can't understand how to do it propertly. Where should i start with my problem?