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  1. MSI 790FX-GD70 sound

    If you use hazard 10.6.2 client server and set the boot options to "busratio=20" It should boot i am using the latest bios from msi but i can only get sound working if you use VoodooHDA and the sound isn't great.
  2. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    Does anyone know why my radeon 4890's dvi2vga only works with an apple studio display
  3. i had the same problem so i looked at the crash log and saw that quicktimecomponents.component was causing the crash so i used a time machine backup to restore quicktime 7.3s quicktimecomponents.component and now it works fine you could also if you want use pacifist to install the old file from a quicktime 7.3 package and that will fix it. the file is at /system/library/quicktimeuicktimecomponents.component
  4. When I insatlled leopard and when i boot i have the bios set to sata>ahci on my Amd 690v chipset with sb600 and i boots pretty quickly the only issue i have is pata speed in leopard.
  5. Kext's questions...

    Only a few kext work from tiger in my experience like my sound and lan. I needed to remod the graphics with a new package and the ata and sata patch i was using for amd 690v chipset dont work.
  6. AMD 690G / SB600 Compatibility

    I installed leo on this chipset i am using sata>ahci for my sata drive to boot THe sound i use an azaila audio patch from tiger and realtek r1000 pkg from my tiger install. But i dont know about the integrated grtaphics because i am using a pci-e card radeon x1650 pro with device id 17c1 and maclovin's patch To get CI/QE. Every thing work except the ata is preety slow but the ahci sata is fine. The setup Can be a little buggy with only occasional application crashing but every thing else good.