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  1. I just wonder... with unmodified ati leopard kext (no atiinject or 10.4.5 atindrv) and gfx string, I can get QE\CI but cant change res. I've tried "Graphics Mode" kernel flags too. In some topic, they said it's something about framebuffer not load, so can't change res (ATY Wormy, i think). What does that mean? and anyway to get rid of it? I really want it to work this way, Thanks.
  2. keyboard, trackpad and mouse doesn't work..... which files i need to restore? can you upload them for me? thanks. ps.I used netkas method.
  3. dekpient

    "Graphics Mode" kernel flags, VESA3

    it didn't work!! anyone?
  4. dekpient

    "Graphics Mode" kernel flags, VESA3

    thanks, i'll try at home
  5. My laptop use ATi Mobility Radeon X1600, and I can get QE/CI with EFI string and LGU 1.0 but no native resolution, 1280x800 (I know there's a way to get them, i've try but it's problem with backlight flickering and it doesn't get along with LGU). The point is in VESA 3, flag "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32@60" can be useb, right? but why it's always reboot. I've tried change them into... >> "1280x800x32@50" -- can boot but nothing change >> "1280x800x32" -- can boot but nothing change ?? what happen? why is it like this?
  6. using kalyway 10.5.2 dvd with soooo many options to choose. I try millions time there , in customize, try different selection, but after installed success still cannot pass the apple boot logo and spinner. it's not forever spinning but it spins for awhile and then stop. in -v mode, I always get stuck with this (attach). and I have vista in first partition- dual boot is fine. before i switch to kalyway, everything is fine with iatkos 1.0 r2. thanks in advance Ps. this is my spec acer aspire 5594 wxmi intel core 2 duo 1.83 ghz t5600 ram 1 gb hd 120 gb sata vga ati mobility x1600
  7. Amazzzzzing ! ! DVD Kaly but.. I get stuck with "NTFS driver 2.1 flag: [R/O]" like vladw too. so sad I try many many times of installation with difference selection in customize. Help plzzzz . thanks
  8. dekpient

    No "NX/XD" in bios... why?

    ok. I'll do the -v, but how do I know about that 3 numbers of my CPU? how do I know if it's enabled or not?
  9. I've read.. if I want to use efi+vanilla, i have to enable "Execute Disable" in bios to aviod the reboot after kexts loaded. But in my aspire 5594 Phoenix Bios does not have that function, Why? I attach my CPU and Motherboard spec. anyway to enable that or use vanilla kernel? Ps.I can patch efi_v80 successfully but after install vanilla kernel from "kalyway 10.5.2 kernel", it keeps saying "You must restart your system, please hold on power button" ..sth like that. how could i fix it? Thanks my system is iAtkos v1.0 r2 + efi v80 and update to 10.5.2 by kalyway combo.
  10. It's a month work, (this March) and basically the due date is 31st March 2008. So, I feel lost... Thank you very much for your kind help. I have one last question : if I format that partition back to NTFS (quick format) and try to recover it. How would it go?
  11. What would I need to do? I'm newbie here.... T_____T help please.
  12. It's MAC software, right? but I don't have mac or installed them. I just have XP on another com. There's anyway to recover all vista and MBR? Anyone?
  13. Help Please ! ! Plsss...... I try to dual boot vista and leopard in this guide >> http://dailyapps.net/2008/03/hack-attack-d...-windows-vista/ in Vista, I have 3 partition, 1.Vista[NTFS] 2.Unaccllocate 3.Ings[NTFS] and when I boot with iAtkos 1.0 r2 then DiskUtility, in the left sidebar of Disk Utility, it showed just two partition, "disk0s2" and "Ings", so I select disk0s2 and erase with MAC Extended Journal then.. I continued the guide but I didn't see "Darwin Boot" under Utility so I exit the installation. after that I reboot with "Missing Operating System" . First I tried to repair boot with Vista Installation DVD but It can't see Operating System. Now I connect it to another com and open Disk Management. and see this.....(in attachments).... Is that mean I erase the wrong partition? What would I need to do to recovery Vista with MBR boot and all files? There's large Photoshop file in that, I need that.... Thanks for your help....