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  1. HP Elitebook 6930p?

    I want to install OS X in this notebook. Any update on this? Is there anyone that has been 100% successful with this install? Cheers
  2. GMA X4500

    Thanks so much for your work. It worked for me too. I have an Elitebook 6930p with a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family :-)
  3. Hey Guedes, I made a fresh install in a test drive and I put the kext you posted, and I only manage to get it working the first time. Then it stops loading (even forcing it with -f). Now, when I go to sys profiler it says "There was an error while scanning for Serial-ATA devices." Only think I can think of now is maybe we have a different BIOS revision. What's yours? and If you have it could you please post it so I can try with that one?
  4. I'm on the same boat. Only thing not working is Marvell controller.
  5. mmm, I have an experimental drive where I installed Iatkos 7 (10.5.7) and didn't need to put dsdt patch, just the Sound Driver . I was able to update to 10.5.8 with automatic update , and all seems to work great! Except for the Marvell of course. I could never manage to get it running :-( With Guedes kext and ACHI in the BIOS I can get to see the secondary SATA listed in System Preferences but nothing connected to those SATA connectors work. Oh, by the way, I always changed the SATA settings in 'DRIVES' in the main BIOS and I think it changes to ACHI or IDE for both controllers not just the Marvell one. If there is another place where you can setup the Marvell one then that must be why I could never got it working.
  6. Hi BJMoose, I've been out of the loop for a while too. I'm still running 10.5.2 in ma main system. I'd like to go to 10.5.7 but I don't really want to do a complicated installation typing code and all that. I've tried a couple of weekends ago to install Iatkos 7 with chameleon in a separate HDD in my BadAxe2 and it worked great. I only had a couple of issues that I haven't had time to check. I'm not sure if I'll be abe to use the extra ports for the SATA Marvel controller (i saw there are drivers in the install but I only tried to install this twice and couldn't get it to work) - maybe just need to select the right combination of drivers in the install for it to work. The other weird thing is the NTFS support. After installing ITAKOS 7 I cannot access my external HDD anymore... When I try to acces right after booting, it says it's in use and have no access. Weird. I tried with another empty portable HDD and had the same msg. If I re-format using the new installed system it works fine. I'm guessing it might be a conflict of MacFuse versions or something like that. So besides this two hiccups that I'm sure are easily fixable, the rest is great! no codes for anything Anyone gave it a try with BadAxe2? I have the retail Leo disks so if you post a TUT on how to install this with Chameleon I'm keen to give it a try! Thanks BJMoose!
  7. Thanks EGray! :-) Thanks to you as well Maconvert, I'll re-install over the weekend. :-)
  8. Thanks for sharing egray. I'm in 10.5.2 now. Could you please share your installation method for 10.5.7? :-)
  9. Thanks Timewise, I'll try that when I get home tonight. :-)
  10. Wow! THANKS egray! I finally got the Marvel controller working! Now I can enjoy my 5 SATA drives connected at the same time! ALL of them are working! Cheers! Mic doesn't seem to work though. I have Audio out working fine, with Taruga's AppleHDAPatcher 1.16 applied, but when I replace with the file in the link you provided ALL audio stops working. After re-applying AppleHDAPatcher Audio-OUT works again, but no Mic. I have 10.5.2 installed. How did you get to 10.5.7? Was it installing progressive updates, or you just jumped from 10.5.2 to 10.5.7?
  11. Windows???? what is that???? hehehe, yeh, there is no way back... I used that thing for more than 15 years and after OS X I never looked back. I think I'll keep waiting then... I'm using Final Cut and to be able to apply updates to final cut, i need to have 10.5.6, so no updating for Final Cut either.... anyway even FCP is working fine, so as they say... if it ain't broken...
  12. Hello guys, I have a very stable system (still on 10.5.2) and haven't touched it for a while. i've been reading that there have been lots of developments lately and I was wondering if anyone tried a simple method to install from retail DVD and update via software update up to 10.5.6. thanks
  13. Hi wingwing, It's been a while (a long while) since I haven't touched the config of my hackintosh, mainly because it's my production machine, and unfortunately, the marvel controller is not working properly. I played with it for a while and, I guess I got overexcited at some stage when the system was able to see and recognise a CDROM drive attached to it. I got it to work only once (meaning that it was able to see the CDROM), but later on I discovered that it didnt read any info. As I'm using the machine everyday to do video editing and Graphic stuff, I stopped playing with it, and never touched the config again. It's been working great, ROCK SOLID since that time! (I'm still in 10.5.2!!!) I always think that at one stage I'll put the machine up to date with updates and focus on a solution for the #$!@#%& Marvel Controller, but I never do it. At this stage for me I think it's not worth it to keep trying. Maybe in the future I update my main board to a Gigabyte (I've read that some models work 100%), or even..... who knows a *REAL* Mac Pro. My experience is that what started as a just a test following guides from weaksauce, made me in the end turn to OS X and leave Windows almost completely!!!! (I'm only using utorrent now with vmware - which by the way has just released a beta version for OS X, so very soon it will be bye-bye VMWARE as well). I'm sorry that I could not be more helpful but at this stage I stopped messing around with Hardware config and started *enjoying* my hackintosh. I LOVE IT!!!!! OS X is great!!!
  14. Hi Xwing61, for me it worked with Guedes installer and updating the BIOS to the latest available. Have you done that?
  15. Woohoo!!! Thanks a lot for your tip. Before re-installing everything, I went for the BIOS update (using the latest one available from Intel) and.... voila!! All the SATA ports in the Marvell controller work now!!! Thanks a lot for your help Guedes!!! :-)