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  1. 10.13.2 Final -> 1.0.32 (Works) 10.13.3 Final -> 1.2.46 (Works) 10.13.4 Beta 1,2,3 -> 1.0.49 (Works) 10.13.4 Beta 4,5,6 -> 1.0.54 (Does not work) It might just be driver problem.
  2. I tried using the kext from 10.13.3 but it didn't work like AppleHDA.kext works to enable HDMI Audio.
  3. No it doesn't work. Tried it twice. It's absurd logic for me. Someone else got it to work? @DSM2 The screenshot of driver version you are showing is from 10.13.3 (1.2.46) In 10.13.4 betas, they regressed to driver version (1.0.49) 10.13.2 Final -> 1.0.32 10.13.3 Final -> 1.2.46 10.13.4 Beta -> 1.0.49
  4. LMAO! You sir are on a different tangent all together. We are talking about getting this card to work in macOS which is the point of this forum. Right now from macOS 10.13.4 Beta 3, the card stopped getting detected. Everyone knows that the card works with that driver you posted in Windows. The same link is already there on the first post of this topic. However, with those Bootcamp drivers for Windows, my card shows network cable unplugged if my PC boots into Windows from a shutdown. If I restart Windows, it works as intended.
  5. I purchased a new AQN107 card from Aquantia’s Asian partner for $69. If Apple does manage to bring back alive my current ASUS XG-C100C in final 10.13.4, I will put the new card in my QNAP. I desperately need WOL. It’s even advertised on Aquantia’s spec sheet but in reality was not working with any previous drivers.
  6. Card is still not getting detected in Beta 6. Are we done for good with these useless cards? In Windows, if my PC starts from shut down state, the card comes up as network cable unplugged. So I have to go to device manager and disable-enable it to get it functional. This has to be done everytime my PC boots. Now it is not even working on macOS. Very frustrating. $100 down the drain. I recommend people not to buy any Aquantia AQC107 based ethernet cards because The firmware is unstable. Drivers are carp. Do not support WOL as advertised. Do not work in macOS as of 10.13.4 Do not work in Windows with cold boot. Show network unplugged error. Someone suggested me to replace my Netgear 10GBE switch which cost me $800. I rather throw this ASUS XG-C100C into dustbin be happy with Intel X540-T2.
  7. Installed Beta 6 Skylake, Kabylake and Coffeelake systems still have same lag on Nvidia cards Aquantia AQC107 based 10gb Ethernet cards are not getting detected. AppleHDA.kext does not enable HDMI Audio for Nvidia cards. Overall a pathetic update. Unchanged from last 3 betas. So I guess this is the new way forward.
  8. How did you manage to download Beta 5? The script is showing me dev Beta 3 only.
  9. OMG it worked. If I used your entire Clover folder, PC rebooted halfway through Apple logo loading screen. So I only replaced Drivers64UEFI folder with yours and Voila! So OSAptioFix-drv.efi needs work. BTW I modified PlatformSupport.plist to add support for iMacPro1,1 and used that SMBIOS. Now everything working with F3 BIOS.
  10. AptioMemoryFix

    With Gigabyte Z370N Wifi mini-ITX motherboard, none of the 3 versions of AptIOfix work when used with latest F3 Bios. However, all of them work on F1 bios. It may have something to do with changed memory allocation following Spectre and Meltdown microcode updates.
  11. Here it is http://www101.zippyshare.com/v/cqrHQnXP/file.html I may not have removed the serial but doesn't matter. BTW I had to downgrade from F3 to F1 Bios to boot into my hack.
  12. I am more interested to know whether people who have real iMacPro1,1 model are having Ethernet problems with 10.13.4 Beta 4 & 5 ? If even they have problems, we can expect a bug fix. BTW people with costly iMacPros will not bother installing betas for doing serious work.
  13. Hopefully the next beta will fix AppleHDA and Aquantia 10GBE problems.
  14. Hi @MaLd0n I have Gigabyte Z370N Wifi Mini-ITX motherboard and it only boots my hackintosh with F1 bios. If I install F3 (Latest) bios, it hangs at Apple logo during boot. Verbose mode tells me that the loading did not go further than the initial osAptIOfix. I have used all three versions of the fix in my latest clover but all result in the same hang at Apple logo. Is there anything I need to do to get this F3 bios working? Downgrading to F1 bios allows me to boot into High Sierra but then I miss out on Spectre and Meltdown fixes.
  15. I think Apple is close to allowing Nvidia to enable HDMI audio on their drivers as well as 4K @ 60Hz through HDMI