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  1. HD Bay on a G5

    Thanks, but they pretty much were the usual suspects I also checked applepalace.com and applemacparts.co.uk. Nothing yet. Well looks like I will have to figure something out.
  2. HD Bay on a G5

    Just received my G5 case from eBay, and it was completely empty. Except for the power switch assembly, everything had been taken out. Do you guys know any way of getting my hands on a drive bay? I kinda like the original setup, but all the usual suspects don't stock that part. Does it even exist as a service part? Otherwise, I will find a way to get along without it, but I'd really like to have that part Yours truely
  3. Is this Processor compatible with Leopard?

    Hara Taiki, the link that dan provided identified the processor as a P4 with a Northwood Core (512 kB L2-Cache, 130 nm process, SSE2), launched early 2004. You, on the other hand, have a P4 with a Prescott Core (1024 kB L2-Cache, 90 nm process, Prescott New Instructions = SSE3). So, if dan has identified his CPU correctly, it will not have SSE3, although it is running at higher clock speeds than your CPU. The spec of the 3.4Ghz P4 in socket 478 with Prescott core can be found here: http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SL7AJ
  4. My suggestion would be to keep your current rig, as it is completely adequate for any coding. It has enough bang to do pretty much everything except gaming. Finding some more ram is always a good idea, but only if you can get it cheap, as Viscaria said. For what you do, it should tide you over another year or so. It might not be all neato running OS X on it, but its still a half-way decent system. Use the meantime to save up some more, and then spring all that on a nice, all shiny, well-rounded system.
  5. Building/Modding my hackintosh

    Don't worry, we are with you on this and do care How do you plan to get the logo into the side window?
  6. G5 case mod Mk.II

    Neato! But that little bottle of Stella looks pretty lonely so far from home
  7. Overclock 2.66GHz Intel Xeon MacPro - How?

    As far as upgrading goes, Anandtech has some info on it here. But those Xeons sure are expensive.
  8. Overclock 2.66GHz Intel Xeon MacPro - How?

    There just is no easy way to overclock on socket 771 platforms. While enthusiast platforms have been given considerable oc'ing options by board manufacturers due to customer demand over the past 9--10 years, there simply is no such demand in the workstation and server area where reliability is king. So, no easy route to oc the FSB on 771 boards. If you are adamant, fearless and willing to mess around with the MacPro, which I definitely do NOT recommend, you might look into going BSEL. You could have a look here: http://forums.2cpu.com/showthread.php?t=77937 But the risks of messing up a perfectly fine, awesome machine like your MacPro by far outweigh any possible performance gain. If you follow this thread Building a MacPro and the link here BSEL mod, you will get a look at what would lie ahead.
  9. Is this Processor compatible with Leopard?

    I guess ~pcwiz means to say SSE2. It's an old FSB800 Northwood (512kB L2 Cache). So, yes, should work patched for SSE2 CPUs.
  10. what made you switch to mac?

    What made me switch to mac? I was looking for a machine with a small foot print, and I got a deal on an G4 Mac Mini back then that made it just the most attractive alternative. As OS X does have full POSIX power, I did not even bother installing Linux on it... just oc'ed it to 1.42 Ghz, upped the RAM and am very happy with the little machine ever since. In fact, I liked it so much, I also got a MBP. I did not really switch, though... I am still running 2 Windows machines, a couple of Debian boxes and a FreeBSD installation. But then, I am a professional geek who likes to game from time to time..
  11. iMac G3/Powermac G4

    These things, IMO, are just nice side projects. I like to spend some time on them whenever I feel like it, then leave them be for some time. Right now, I am modding a G4 tower for a media center machine, which is coming along nicely for the most part... just noticed that the board I was planning on fitting won't go in at all, so I am looking for alternatives. Also looking for a new gaming rig, which will go into a G5 case. It just takes time to do it, but I found it worth it, as the satisfaction you can derive from these little projects, when they are done, is quite a good feeling. Even if it takes a decade or two Personally, I think an iMac case mod would be one of the coolest things to show up with at a LAN party.
  12. Best CPU Fan for Overclocking

    That depends on the general airflow through your system/case, but generally, I'd say you are set with that kind of setup. If it turns out you need more spot cooling, you can always add more fans later. BTW, what case do you intend to use?
  13. 4 Gigahertz - 4 Cores - 4 Gigabytes

    Good job getting the Q6600 to 4 GHz. I myself wish I could be quite that brave, but at those high voltages, I always get the willies , as I only remember the good old days of the SNDS, the Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome. So, electromigration made me a whimp Still, most impressive!
  14. iMac G3/Powermac G4

    If you are willing to switch out the CRT and put in a TFT, you could follow this: Hackintosh in Tangerine iMac Although, from the look of the pictures, it looks like he used a tray loading model, but that, I guess, would be the least trouble.