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  1. Kabyl, Thanks a lot. u solved my problem. now my asrock conroe d667 bios can support wolfdale e8400 working without error. no need to downgrade to bios 1.3 anymore.
  2. hi wattleferdz. did u installed leo using Leo4All on your acer 4520? i'm still downloading that stuff? could u give a hint anyting problem during the installation. my specs same with u. thanks in advance
  3. i got same issue. the solution is i have to downgrade bios version to 1.3 below. but this not really solve the problem. i only got succesful install on jas 10.4.8 but not kalyway 10.4.10 and leopard TOH. only problem i can't boot to system tru hard disk, have to use cd to boot using darwin bootloader and type rd=disk0s1. any suggestion of this problem?
  4. i tried install using jas 10.4.8, kalyway 10.4.8, leopard toh 10.5 all the error still same. why i can't see my sata hard disk when i boot at disk utility. i can see if i'm install using vmware but that hard drive virtual machine not my real drive. i dont want using vmware its slow. i want it run natively i did experiment for my usb flash drive. disk utility can see my drive. but sadly my usb drive only 1gig one more thing is it posibble if i buy external usb drive that got more space and install on it. common sifuu help me. sorry for my bad english
  5. does anyone here have installed osx86 10.4.10 to laptop acer 4520? is it working properly. or got problem installation. i have checked at many forum. no match spec as my own acer 4520. here my spec AMD TURION 64X2 TL58 PROCESSOR , DVD-RW DRIVE, •120GB SATA HDD ,14.1 ” CRYSTALBRITE LCD, •1.5GIG DDR2 RAM,NVIDIA NFORCE 7000 , •5 in 1 CARD READER,WEBCAM