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  1. Hello all, I am finally getting around to doing the Windows 7 Snowy Dual Boot. I followed the instructions in the previous posts, and I was able to get Windows 7 installed on its own partition and then I rebooted in and made different partitions active, the thing I do not see if where it lists the different operating systems. In the Dell Chameleon boot screen I only see my Snow Leopard choice and nothing for Windows 7. I hit the down arrow and the enter key and it just selects the only option which is Snow Leopard. Do I need to edit something to see the Windows 7 option listed to boot into it? Thanks for any help! Anthony
  2. Hello all, Has anyone gotten a microphone to work with Snowy and the D620 using Leppy's fine install? I recently bought a simple plug in mic that on the box says that it is compatible with both windows and OSX, I plugged into into my D620 and it does not appear to work. Is there a preferred mic out there that works with our laptop on Snowy 6.2? Thanks, A.
  3. Leppy you are a gentleman and a scholar. I have access to only a Latitude D820 and D620 and I have been trying since the first beta started appearing to get SL onto either one of my laptops. With your SL boot CD I was finally able to get it done (I am writing this on my SL install on the D620)! Great job and thanks for the guide and all of your work on this project, another happy customer! Anthony
  4. I have what seems like a simple and silly question. How do I change the names of the displayed OS's when Darwin Bootloader starts. I have a dual boot with Windows 7 and OSX 10.5.7 Right now it displays Leopard, and System Reserved or something like that, I would like it to read Windows 7 instead. Any ideas? I have searched for a solution to this but only find posts about changing the default os and I don't care about that. Thanks, A.
  5. Hello all, I have been bouncing around between 10.5.6 distros as of late. I have an issue with my video displaying correctly when using video apps such as iDVD or DVD Player. Right now when DVD player starts in full screen I get half a page of a crammed DVD menu and it is all out of sync. I do want to point out that I do get full resolution on the desktop and everything else works perfectly. I jsut do not know how to tweak the video very well. I use my hackintosh for video presentations (or at least I did with 10.5.4) and would like for the DVD player to work. Specs... Dell D820 Laptop, Core2 Duo, Intel ICH 9 chipset, 2GB of RAM, Nvidia Quadro 120m Options selected: Apple SMBIOS DDR2 667 New ICHx (ICH10) Laptop Display kext NVKush default NVdarwin 256MB NVidia Extended Any assistance would be helpful thanks! A.
  6. I will give that a try and report back, thanks for the help. Salam A.
  7. I am running into the same problem here. I have a single drive on my laptop. I first tried to install Windows 7 build 7000 and then attempted to install OSX86. Both of my partitions would not mount. So I installed OSX86 10.5.6 and then I was able to install Windows 7. I added the entry for OSX86, but I still immediately boot into Windows 7. I have tried both options. Here is the detailed view from EasyBCD Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier {9dea862c-5cdd-4e70-acc1-f32b344d4795} device partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume2 description Windows Boot Manager locale en-US inherit {7ea2e1ac-2e61-4728-aaa3-896d9d0a9f0e} default {1a2d3802-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} resumeobject {1a2d3801-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} displayorder {1a2d3802-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} {1a2d3806-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} toolsdisplayorder {b2721d73-1db4-4c62-bf78-c548a880142d} timeout 30 Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier {1a2d3802-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} device partition=C: path \Windows\system32\winload.exe description Windows 7 locale en-US inherit {6efb52bf-1766-41db-a6b3-0ee5eff72bd7} recoverysequence {1a2d3803-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} recoveryenabled Yes osdevice partition=C: systemroot \Windows resumeobject {1a2d3801-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} nx OptIn Real-mode Boot Sector --------------------- identifier {1a2d3806-e1a0-11dd-adfc-94ed69d6977b} path \NST\nst_mac.mbr description Leopard Thanks for any help! Anthony
  8. 10.5.6 Released!

    i have a new issue that is kind of odd, but maybe it is an existing issue. I installed XNU 1.0 and then upgraded from iAtkos4i to 10.5.6 via mac update. I have been trying to download different kext files to get my USB, sound and other things to work correctly when I started noticing that I cannot mount .dmg images, even simple ones such as Firefox or the Dell Post installer. The second that it gets to the mounting portion, I get a voodoo related "black screen" with text over my wallpaper and my machine locks up and I have to power down. Anyone else see or experience this? A.
  9. 10.5.6 Released!

    Mixed results with upgrade. Just a quick note that I was able to update from iDeneb 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 on my Dell Latitude D820. I of course lost sound, keyboard/mouse, but I expected that and those can be repaired. The odd thing was that I lost the ability to use my USB thumbdrive, although my external USB mouse and keyboard work fine. Which is kind of a bummer as that is where I keep all of my tools/utilities. Anyone got any ideas on that one? I might just wait for a 10.5.6 distro, I am sure that all the usual suspects are working hard on them as I type this message. A.
  10. Hey there, I just made a copy of the iAtkos5i and I have had some trouble getting things to work correctly especially with the Nvidia Quadro NVS 120M. It also just doesn't seem very stable to me so far. Can you post which specific options that you chose with iAtkos5i that worked best for you? Thanks, A.
  11. Out in the wild, have anyone tested it?

    Might be a silly question, but anyone get it to work on a PC? i would like to install it on an additional partition on my Dell D820
  12. Network Solution for Leopard

    I have a Linksys USB to Ethernet adapter in my Dell D820 and it will not see it under network either. I have installed both drivers and nothing still. Is there a way to kick start this adapter? when I go to add another device it only gives me the option of Firewire. Any suggestions?
  13. Alright, I have installed two separate distros (Brazilmac, Kalyway) tried every tweak that I can think of, but nothing works...does anyone that has a late model Dell laptop or desktop (Mine is a Latitude D820) get their on board ethernet (Broadcom 57xx) to work? I tried at least four different machines and they are all Dell's and unfortunately they all use the Broadcom 57xx driver. So someone somewhere that has a Dell has to have gotten this to work. Any help would be greatly appriciated, I actually have a business need to get my laptop online. Thanks, A.
  14. EasyBCD and Guid

    Hello all, I just recently installed the Kalyway distro of Leo and afterwards I installed Vista to dual boot. I installed EasyBCD 1.7.1 and choose to add the OSX entry, but on closer inspection the Booter loader path is: Bootloader Path: \NST\nst_mac.mbr The difference is that I formatted the hard drive with guid and used the EFI vanilla to load my Leo. Now I get the HFS+ error when I try to boot into Leo. Any ideas on what the bootloader path should be for a guid install? Thanks, A.
  15. Hey all, I have a dual boot with Vista and I use EasyBCD to switch between Vista and Leo, but I noticed that the entry showed "bootloader path: \NST\nst_mac.mbr" Does anyone know how to change this to the GUID option so I can boot back into Leo? Thanks, A.