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  1. ellaosx

    Clover General discussion

    with SSDT-PMC installed, do we still need AptioMemoryFix?
  2. ellaosx

    What is NVMeFix Plugin for?

    @Andrey1970 oh sorry. I did not see it
  3. what is NVMeFix plugin for?
  4. @norcimo did you try to add your device id in IntelMausiEthernet?
  5. ellaosx

    Clover General discussion

    Hi again Starting from r5099, im getting stuck on error DMMP. Do i need to rename this like the DSM to XDSM? I never had this error. It only appeared after the commit in FixBiosDsdt.c. Computer in question is my Desktop Legacy
  6. ellaosx

    Clover General discussion

    Are you guys building clover in GCC53 or XCODE8 using buildme?
  7. ellaosx

    Clover General discussion

    Oh ok. Thanks!
  8. ellaosx

    Clover General discussion

    hi @vector sigma do you have plans to support fusion to clover's mountESP? Your espfinder supports fusion, so it would be nice to add in mountESP
  9. ellaosx

    Clover General discussion

    OS: High Sierra 10.13.6 Xcode: 10.1 SDK: MacOSX10.14.sdk Im trying to complie latest Clover source using it's own buildme (GCC53). The build was successful. But checking the log, I see some errors. [CC] Gcd ... make: [/Users/ella/src/CloverBootloader/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/FV/Ffs/FC5C7020-1A48-4198-9BE2-EAD5ABC8CF2FBdsDxe/BdsDxeOffset.raw] Error 1 (ignored) ... [CC] FSInject ... make: [/Users/ella/src/CloverBootloader/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/FV/Ffs/A17F4A89-5F19-444f-B7BE-48195E0575DBSmbiosGenDxe/SmbiosGenDxeOffset.raw] Error 1 (ignored) ... [CC] egemb_icons ... make: [/Users/ella/src/CloverBootloader/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/FV/Ffs/E660EA85-058E-4b55-A54B-F02F83A24707DisplayEngine/DisplayEngineOffset.raw] Error 1 (ignored) ... [CC] PciDriverOverride ... make: [/Users/ella/src/CloverBootloader/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/FV/Ffs/FC5C7020-1A48-4198-9BE2-EAD5ABC8CF2FBdsDxe/BdsDxeOffset.raw] Error 1 (ignored) ... [GENFW] SmbiosGenDxe ... make: [/Users/ella/src/CloverBootloader/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/FV/Ffs/A17F4A89-5F19-444f-B7BE-48195E0575DBSmbiosGenDxe/SmbiosGenDxeOffset.raw] Error 1 (ignored) ... [GENFW] DisplayEngine ... make: [/Users/ella/src/CloverBootloader/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/FV/Ffs/E660EA85-058E-4b55-A54B-F02F83A24707DisplayEngine/DisplayEngineOffset.raw] Error 1 (ignored) ... Are these to be ignored or a bug?
  10. ellaosx

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hi @Mieze Compiled latest 2.3.0d7 from github using xcode9+sdk10 targeting 10.10. Its working in Yosemite. Is this advisable? Coz i thought the latest can only work in Sierra & above.
  11. ellaosx

    [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.2

    It seem you didnt understand...Im not referring to the article. It was all about your statement. Nevertheless, just enjoy the bugs while it last.
  12. Can anyone check if you can access https://www.macintouch.com/ site. Im getting FORBIDDEN. Thanks
  13. ellaosx

    Clover General discussion

    Compiling clover using GCC53 all good now?