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  1. Didn't think of that. It's a bog standard 7300GT.... anyone had any experience doing this?
  2. Quicky: 2006 2.66Ghz mac pro needs new logic board. Should I not be able to find a reasonably priced one to replace am I able to put in a NEWER logic board from a more recent Mac Pro. So question is can I take out my faulty 2006 2.66Ghz logic board and replace with a 661-4449 820-2128-A 2.8Ghz/3.0Ghz logic board (early 2008 model).... I guess it all comes down to whether my 2.66 xeons will work within the newer board? Same with the memory although I guess that's less of an issue.
  3. Hmm - tried all that and nothing. Just doesn't seem to like any ac3 m4v files. That top link - he says to copy and paste stuff into terminal but that doesn't seem to do anything either. I can see what look like the correct perian components in the Library/Quicktime and Audio folders so no idea why I'm not getting any luck.
  4. Quicktime X doesn't want to open any of my m4v's that have AC3 audio.
  5. THanks for the info. They always played in my Leopard install though without a problem. How come I would need a new component for Quicktime - is it now running in 64bit mode in SL? Thanks
  6. Core Duo

    Running here on a Macbook 1,1 Core Duo just fine. It seems to love it. Sweeeeeeeet
  7. Hi there. Weird one this - not sure if it's got anything to do with Snow Leopard - more a migration issue? Just installed the 10A432 without a glitch. Use the migration assistant to move all of my files from my old Leopard HD to my new SL install. Wiped the brand new SL user account (which was empty) and started to use my transfered user account in SL. Problem - most of my dvd's that I handbraked to m4v files will not open in Quicktime. I get an error saying "the document could not be opened" and they appear in Finder as 'protected mpeg-4 file'. This happens to the more recent encodes I've done - some play fine. All use AAC H.264 and have high bitrates. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here but it looks like the ones that play have only 2 channels (i.e. AAC audio). I can't seem to play any that I encoded as passthrough AC3. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Quick question: I have a 2006 Pro with 667Mhz 5300 memory. Can I successfully use 800Mhz 6400 memory on it? Will it just run at the 667Mhz speed if I whack it in? It will be the only memory in my system so won't be mixed with any other sticks of 667Mhz speed. Any ideas?
  9. Mac Pro aluminium case side panel plus bits

    Drive caddies now gone, Side panel still available. Postage to the US is quite a lot (about $50) so not sure it's worth it for US buyers. Thanks
  10. I made the Switch..

    Me too. Built pc's for years. Did a sweet osx86 hack with my set up. Issues with updates, sleep and restart pssed me off enough. Found a beat up Mac Pro with 2 x 2.66 Xeons for around £700 and got it. Bought a 2nd hand mint Mac Pro case and transferred the contents so it looks brand new. Whacked up the memory, installed my old HD's and it's a beast! What's more it's pretty upgradeable as well what with you being able to put in new HD's, processors and memory! So for me OSX86 was the final thing that pushed me to go official. Loving it now. Can't believe I stuck with XP for so long!
  11. Not necessarily. Weirdly enough I got a gray 2008 mac pro install disc to boot into the installer on my macbook. I have also bypassed it by booting into the installer using the computer the gray disc came with, then installing to an external drive and then bouncing that image back to a HD on a different mac pro. Works fine.
  12. I have a spare Mac Pro (2006 model onwards) aluminium side panel for sale. I am based in the UK. If yours is badly scratched / dented / damaged and you want a replacement then this is what you want. In very good condition with only the tiniest of tiny surface marks. Priced £20 including recorded UK delivery. Drive caddies gone.
  13. Mac Pro Leopard instal failing - any suggestions

    Bit of a hassle with no car etc. I worked around it - used an external firewire and a copy of another gray install disc. Did a flat install of that disc onto the firewire drive on another mac pro (new model that accepted the gray disc). Then bounced that flat install back to the HD on my mac pro. Seems to have done the job. Still don't know WHY this has happened but it's running a charm now.
  14. Recently bought a 2nd hand mac pro. It had a beta Leo installed which for obvious reasons I wished to get rid of and use my retail Leo DVD. I can't install it though. It fails about half way through with a message about eithe BSD's package or Essentials package. Upon looking around for a solution it appears it may be a memory issue (non apple ram). I swapped back in what I think is the original ram and the problem has persisted. I have tried and exhausted all the memory configurations available to me - the problem persists. If I let the dvd disc verification run then surprisingly this fails saying my disc needs to be cleaned. Now this is a retail Leo dvd that has barely a mark on it. It has been successfully used on both of my old Macbooks without a problem. Whilst I see this COULD be the problem it seems a little odd. I borrowed a oem grey install dvd from one of my works mac pro's (a more recent model as mine is an older 2007 model). This would not allow to be booted from (I hear this is common with these grey discs if not on the model they came from). It did thought boot to the installer with my Macbook. Odd. Is there anyway I could use thus oem disc via the mac book (and potentiall external drive) to install to my Pro? Any other suggestions? I'm loathe to have to pay out for a new Leo DVD when I'm not 100% sure that's the problem. There's barely a scratch on it!
  15. On lots of mobo's the 4gb will cause a panic NO MATTER IF YOUR JMICRON IS ENABLED OR NOT. I (along with some others) thought that the crash was due to this controller being enabled but after disabling it the problem still occurs. I 'think' this is due to (in my case) my 965P chipset. I run Vmware Fusion and as that takes up a great wodge of memory from the off it's quite easy to replicate the panic - panic occurs as soon as 3.2+gb of memory is in use (monitored via Activity monitor. Sounds like the same as is happening with ZosoM3....