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  1. Anyone know how to reduce noise fan and overheat? I tried removeing some kext and nothing. I always have 55 to 60 Celsius degrees when in idle, and 70-75 when I use vmware. I still have the same laptop and configuration: hp 6710b Leo ToH 2 Kalyway update 10.5.2 same kernel, video and audio configuration
  2. Fix MAC SPOOF in kalyway 10.5.1 Yukon users

    I followed all your instructions but I can´t change the mac address.. I have an hp/compaq 6710b laptop and a belkin v4 wireless card (Zydas chipset) I installed Leopard with ToH 10.5 and got the 10.5.2 update with Kalyway update pack I installed this kernel: 9.1 Speedstep Kernel that got from here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry627517
  3. Partition problem

    I fix it!!! I just changed the table: (External HD) Partition 1: 16Gb Ext3 Mountpoint: / Partition 2: 3Gb Swap Partition 3: 76Gb Fat32 ->IOMEGA_HDD Partition 4: 40Gb Hfs+ ->Name Leopard Partition 5: 25Gb Hfs+ ->Name TimeMachine I dont know why but if you put a Fat32 partition before and after a hfs+ partition vista only can read the first Fat32 partition. Now I have triple boot: vista (Internal HD), Ubuntu and Leopard in an external HD.....and a Fat32 partition that can be read for all of 3 os.
  4. Finally I installed in same external HD Ubuntu and Leopard. I followed this steps: I made 6 partitions from ToH Leopard install disk with utility disk (Guid Partition Table): Partition 1: 8Gb Fat32 Partition 2: 8Gb Fat32 Partition 3: 2Gb Fat32 Partition 4: 40Gb Hfs+ ->Name Leopard Partition 5: 25Gb Hfs+ ->Name TimeMachine Partition 6: 76Gb Fat32 ->IOMEGA_HDD Then, with Ubuntu 7.10 I formated partition 1 to 3: Partition 1: 8Gb Fat32 ->unmount ->Ext3 Mountpoint: / Partition 2: 8Gb Fat32 ->unmount ->Ext3 Mountpoint: /home Partition 3: 2Gb Fat32 ->unmount ->Swap I installed Ubuntu in partition1 and grub in /dev/sdb -->I edited menu.lst (in order to can boot from external HD) Then, I installed Leopard and put boot_v8 in /boot inside ubuntu -->I edit menu.lst again Everything works greate but my only problem is that I cant see the Partition 6 (IOMEGA_HDD) in Vista (dev/sda) Can someone help me.
  5. I did it! I updated directly from 10.5.0 Toh to 10.5.2... Thanks Kalyway!!!! I didnt install nothing, just ran the update file. I dont have any delay boot issue...the only lost that I had was power icon, but I think how Ill solve this. Thank everybody.
  6. Glad to know about you KlyX... well I’m still in 10.5.0 ToH and trying to update 10.5.2 I had problems with original update package but right now I have Kalyway update package....I think that is a problem with kernel and graphics kext that you gave us, I really don’t know. I want update cause it could be a solution to apply spoof MAC command. I really need this or a patch that fix internal wifi card. Maybe in a few days we can do more with your help
  7. Update to 10.5.2 ToH rc2 nforce 650i

    I have same problem...I dont know how to update from 10.5 to 10.5.1 I followed this guide to get my leo http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry538648 (same laptop..leopard installed on a external HDD) Yesterday I tried to update from 10.5 to 10.5.2 using this guide http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87078 ....it never turned on
  8. Somebody tried to update to 10.5.2 ?? http://netkas.org/?p=50

    I have same problem in my laptop compac6710b with Toh10.5, using a belkin usb wireless card (v.4) I dont have problems changing MAC address in vista, xp and ubuntu but I cant do nothing in Leopard. Can someone help me
  10. Spoof MAC doesnt work... I need to change the MAC address of my wireless card because I have a MAC filter in my work. Notingh works...... ifconfig line command, change mac programs... Can someone help me.
  11. Thank you KlyX!!!! I spent long time trying to install real graphics in my Leo and finally I did it thanks to you... ...but today when it tried to install the wireless driver my Leo just gone . I already reinstall everything but I cant get real graphics again...