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    read the thread please. It is still under development and seriously in need of help and manpower as well as programmers.
  2. list of kexts I have installed: AppleHDA ALCInject ACPIPS2Nub.kext (renamed this to AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext to get mouse/keyboard to work) AppleSMBIOS.kext (the one that came with PS2_Batt_Working zip file that was provided in the fix 10.5.2 keyboard issues thread) AppleACPIPlatform (from the same zip) NVinject installer How would I get the sound to work again? It's an Aztech WLU230USB. OSX sees it as a ZyDAS and when I installed the driver it did not provide any app to connect.
  3. thanks macgirl. you're the best =D anyways, I figured out after reading about the 10.5.2 update and the PS2 keyboard/mouse thing. I replaced the kexts and my trackpad and keyboard worked again!! something funnay tho: I got my sound to work, but when I installed the kexts for battery power, my sound died and I cant get it to work no matter how much I replace the ApplehHDA kext. What's wrong? Also, with the power management kext, shutdown doesnt work properly anymore. The only thing that powered down was the screen but not the CPU and oh, I installed drivers for a wireless dongle, but nothing happens when I plug it in. no new hardware found, no airport, nothing new shows up under network....
  4. Hey guys I noticed something strange with my Vostro 1400: every time I reboot after the initial sucessful installation (after creating my account) I can no longer use my trackpad and keyboard!! but it worked fine with the installer and before reboot. What's happening?
  5. hey guys, I just installed leo4all on my vostro 1400. Wireless, ethernet and sound does not work out of the box. keyboard and mousepad also stops working when a wireless USB is plugged in. And oh, btw does the aztech WL230 USB adapter work? It uses a ZyDAS chip, but when I install the OSX drivers nothing happens.
  6. If wireless cards dont work, how about a USB wireless dongle? will Leo see that?
  7. myron

    installer cannot boot

    the people there are more concerned with their networking driver than to help out, seems that there are several others with the same problem as mine but were ignored.
  8. myron

    ASUS P5N-E SLI (650i)

    Could someone please help me out here? what BIOS settings did you guys use? why am I getting stuck at the AppleNvidiaNforceATA with iodevice blocking bus when it boots up natively from the installer?
  9. my specs: Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLI Proc: Intel e6320 gfx: Nvidia 8600 I've heard many sucess stories with this motherboard, there was even a thread about it somewhere here and it happens to be on the HCL list, it installs and runs perfectly on vmware but when the vmware installation is booted native, it gets a kernel panic when it fails to find a device matching display. booting through the installer, I got an ApplenForceATAController line, followed by a IOATAController device blocking bus, and another ApplenForceATAController. Then it would be Still Waiting for Root device all the way. This means, I cant even boot up the installer AT ALL. It's the same with with JaS's 10.4.8 as well as uphuck's 1.4i. any idea how to get it working native?
  10. myron

    To all Asus P5N-E SLI Users

    help guys! I burned jas's DVD and it cant even boot! it goes to AppleNforceata.kext and then still waiting for root device. anyone have the same problem?
  11. install worked great, except it hung during reboot and when I restarted in -v I got this error need to install the 10.4.4 loginwindow patch?
  12. I used easyBCD and it still gave me the same error...anyways, arconis says the disk is of type 0xAF, everything's correct after searching the forums many times and still I get that error
  13. I get a chain booting error in native. works wonderfully in vmware. help. partition is primary and active, which is the general solution to that error everywhere around.
  14. okay so I installed OSX and now I have this error in both vmware and native: whats wrong
  15. got this error while booting in vmware...