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  1. I upgraded my 2007 MacBook Pro's HDD a few weeks ago following a tutorial. What the tutorial forgot to mention is that the top assembly never sits quite as flush as when it comes stock prepared. Now the top assembly presses up and down a bit where it was once hinged to the bottom part of the machine. Also my latch no longer works 100% and I don't recall knocking anything during my upgrade. One screw has also become jammed into its thread when putting the case back together, this is down to Apple having screws right below magnetic latches; a very tricky process. If you are still debating whether to do this upgrade just be prepared for it to not feel as tight and secure as to when you first got it, I've read comments before that others have had similar situations to me.
  2. Harloe

    Trying to Build My Own Mac Pro Hackintosh

    For a case I'd recommend a Lian-Li V2010 case. The aluminum one. A lot of space inside to work and provides great cooling! As well as having the space for about 8 hard drives! I can't really recommend any other components as I've never built a Hackintosh but if you wanted an 8 core machine I hear a fair few people go for the Intel Skulltrail motherboard (bit expensive) but you could place two Quad Core CPU's on that thing I think and you would have yourself an 8 core system. Don't hold me to that though.
  3. Harloe

    Made with a mac! :-)

    That's really good, you're a very good singer!
  4. I'm extremely happy that Apple brought back the Matte option but also really let down that they're only allowing the Matte Screen on this particular laptop. The 15" MacBook Pro isn't even getting the Matter Screen Option. Also if you want the Matte Screen on the 17" MacBook Pro you have to pay for it! I hope Apple will give there other notebooks this option too eventually.
  5. Harloe

    E-Mail Applications

    Hi, I've been using Microsoft Entourage 2008 as part of the Office 2008 package for a while now. But the entire package will no longer work. I try to open an application from Office 2008 like Entourage and it immediately comes up with an Error Report. Like Do I want to send Microsoft the problem and restart Entourage? All that stuff. I just cannot get into any Office applications anymore. I've tried deleting the plists and opening the apps again, I've also reinstalled Office twice and used AppZapper to uninstall it so there is no trace of the package on my system! I'm really at a dead end with this and I cannot use Mail for my Hotmail account and I don't really want to use the supposed cheat for getting around it. I really enjoyed Entourage but if no one can help me resolve this issue I am asking in this thread for alternate E-Mail Applications for Mac OS X! I have tried Thunderbird but that also poses the same issue as Mail; not allowing Hotmail to be added onto it! So please help me! I'm in desperate need of it! Thanks
  6. Harloe

    HP Dragon

    robpacker1 please post some pictures! =]
  7. Harloe

    Building a MacPro

    Yeah I plan on adding a couple extra gigs over time, probably the pay cheque after. Debating what to do at the moment. Build my EFiX Hackintosh, or a Gaming PC. I don't really want to combine the two together because using an EFiX Hackintosh requires sacrificing hardware to go with the HCL. So I would like the two machines separate. Anyone wanna give me a push in a direction? lol
  8. Harloe

    Building a MacPro

    Came to a hell of a lot for a Quad Core system. £1600 I managed to get to with an estimated price on the Logic Board of £400. I did have trouble finding Logic Boards though, I am currently planning a Hackintosh powered via EFiX. That way I can run Native OS X Leopard for about £700 (€863). That's with a Quad Core 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, and an 8800GT. But this Mac Pro build is so tempting but it is just so damn expensive. Guess I'll have to build my EFiX machine.
  9. Depends on your method of modding. Some cut the back of the case and install a removeable motherboard tray (I believe some Lian Li Mobo Trays work best for this). Some cut the back of the case and install there own I/O panel. Some solder female I/O connector cables from there motherboard to the I/O plate. There is numerous ways of doing it! I suggest sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading every page of this thread
  10. Harloe

    Building a MacPro

    doobiedo, You mentioned about your budget! If you don't mind me asking what is your budget? I have tried to plan out this build financially and I didn't seem to really be saving anything if I just went out and bought a Mac Pro instead! Thanks
  11. Hey! I'm looking to undertake a repair project! I'd love to repair a MacBook Pro, one of the 17 inch models. I'd be glad to take one off your hands if you have one lying around that's busted. I won't buy it if it is a Logic Board fault but if the screen is smashed, case a bit scruffed, then I'll buy it! You are also welcome to salvage the HDD and RAM if you want to sell that separately! Please post the original spec below and the damage it has undertaken. Also list the price you want for the machine! Thanks!
  12. Harloe

    Voice Changing Software

    I cannot find ANY Voice Changing software, like proper voice changing software that will change your voice Live as well as in recordings. I am looking for a program similar to AV Voice Changer, and I do not want to run Crossover or any other virtualisation software! I've tried it and it is just {censored}; doesn't install. So does anyone have any recommendations for Voice Changing software that will let me completely change and shape my voice for recordings and on live conversations like Skype! Please do not recommend the following... Audacity (It doesn't do much except change Pitch, Tempo, Speed) Audio HiJack Pro (Doesn't do anything really...) Voice Candy (Too limited) Thanks!
  13. Harloe

    FL Studio

    I wouldn't really want to run it under that sort of software. I'd want it to be completely native so anyone who can help sway my two decisions above to one or the other please give me some input! Thanks!
  14. Harloe

    FL Studio

    I've got a quick question. I'm debating (AGAIN) between... 1. Selling my MacBook Pro and buying a Mac Pro. Then perhaps buying a Powerbook G4 for portability needs in the near future. With this I could run Windows under Boot Camp on the Mac Pro. 2. Keep my MacBook Pro and build a PC that I could use a lot for gaming as well as FL Studio. I do need quite a bit of power and I do want to get back into PC gaming! But I also hear the Mac Pro is good for gaming... But I want to know if FL Studio will run well on a Mac Pro under a Boot Camp partition? Will I face more hardware compatibility issues or will it just the same, if not better, than working on a Custom Built PC? Thanks for your help!
  15. Harloe

    Logitech G15

    Thank-you very much, Alucard! =] Aslong as it'll work as a regular keyboard in OSx86 and my gaming companion under windows, I'll be happy =P Thanks once again =]