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  1. The Ultimate Web Browser

    On win2k@work: IE5.5 on winxp@home: Opera 9.24 & Opera 9.5b weekly on osx10.5.1@home:Opera 9.24 & Opera 9.5b weekly on pda htc-prophet:Opera mobile 8.x and IEmobile With Opera-9.5 you get syncronized bookmarks as well,pew u need an opera account, but all sync addons are working with accounts, don´t they? And O9.5 has now this nice feature of moving tabs from one window to another. And addons?Search or look at the opera community.There are so many svripts,buttons etc out for opera.You just add a button to opera bar with a single click,e.g. to download a youtube video,no need for an addon to install and to restart the browser. <br /><br />sg
  2. You know whats strange? I have a compaq pressario x6000 (3Ghz P4, 2GBRam) - all works relly nice out of the box with jas 10.4.8 install, except wifi and modem. But thats no problem. Even some of the Laptop Function Keys are working, like volume control. It has an US Layout with English language. I have the @ sign! On my ASUS A4K with an AMD 64 3000+ the jas 10.4.8 works also, but I haven't installed any driver from the install dvd. I did just the System, AMD Drivers and German Language pack. thats all! The Touchpad was working during installation and after boot. The leyboard is also working fine, except this: No Fn-Keys, and NO @ ! Where is my @-sign?? Does anyone of you maybe has a tip for me? I've not tried to switch to US Layout on the ASUS one, but I will try that in the evening. Maybe this will work, dont know. SG
  3. Bringing this post back to live, I managed it to Install jas version on my asus a4k amd 64 3000+. But I have the same problem direx has. The function keys are not working, and I am missing the @ key. I had an ubuntu 7.10 installed befor and with ubuntu I have used all keys. Does anyone know something on how to get these key to work? best SG