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  1. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    taruga you made my day!!! i just tried your new patcher for ad1986 and now i got sound for the first time!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!!!! Computer Type: desktop amd-based pc Sound Card Vendor: ADI Sound Card Model: AD1986a Vendor Id: 0x11d41986 Working: line out sound, digital output (recognized but can't test, sorry) Not Working: mic (recognized, but not working); volume bar is grey (not usable) so i can set the volume only on my speakers Patcher Version used: ad1986.zip from today System Version: Leopard 10.5.1 (zephyroth release) see the rest of my pc specs in my signature! anything else you need to know? output.tiff input.tiff
  2. [How To] More than most likely fix any soundmax audio

    when i try to load the kext with -t i get this error: sh-3.2# kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext has problems: Authentication failures: { "File owner/permissions are incorrect (must be root:wheel, nonwritable by group/other)" = ( "/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext" "/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext/Contents/Info.plist" "/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext/Contents" "/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleAC97Audio" "/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext/Contents/MacOS" ) } Warnings: { "Kext has no explicit kernel dependency" = true } sh-3.2# do i need to fix permissions? thx in advance!!!
  3. SoundMax AD198x - AC97 Sound

    start with that command in terminal: sudo -s then type your password and hit enter! then go on with loading the kext file if that doesn't work check and repair your permissions in disk utility! hope that helps, not shure cause i'm a neewbie....but got leo fully running on my amd machine today
  4. worked like a charm for me! thanks very much for the effort!!!
  5. New AMD DVD for leopard

    oh damn...fdisk command worked in terminal thanks to riosoft's advice...but i guess something wnt totally wrong here...after the reboot, all i got was a blinking _ on a black screen...like before the fdisk...BUT if i try to boot leo now from dvd like i was able before, i only get to the install screen after some minutes....before that, i can see "BSD root: disk5s3" along with other stuff....but leo is on disk3s1...anyone any ideas what went wrong here, and how to revert this so i'm able to boot leo again? i also tried to boot with -x (safe mode as far as i know) ....also proceeding to the install screen.... at the install screen, i also tried to set another startup disk....but the leo disk won't show up... edit: found out now in disk utility at the installer that the leo disk now seems to be disk4s1 ....how could that happen? it was disk3s1 when i used the fdisk command.... edit again: found the terminal in the installer utilities...run the fdisk command now for disk4s1...rebooting now from the hdd...and....wooohooo....seems to work!!!!
  6. New AMD DVD for leopard

    thanks alot! so, if i understand this right, the sudo -s command gives you something like "admin rights" in windows? i'm learning, i'm learning thanks guys!!!
  7. New AMD DVD for leopard

    worked with the 4x burned dvd! i guess slower burns are always more secure...
  8. New AMD DVD for leopard

    well guys, im in leopard now install took some time, but it worked and after the MACH reboot it booted smoothly into leo... now i've got other problems...the leo disk isn't showing up as startup disk, only "network startup"...i tried to make the leo disk bootable by typing in these commands into the terminal: fdisk -e /dev/disk0 update f 01 w q reboot well...after the first line...i get an error..."permission denied"...any ideas how to get this sorted? btw. i'm a total neewbie to all of this!! used osx only real macs, and just for working w/adobe stuff...so i don't know anything about terminal, kexts and so on...but i'm doing my best to learn i just realized i didn't say that before: THANKS TO ZEPHYROTH FOR YOUR EFFORT!!!
  9. New AMD DVD for leopard

    using a 200gb samsung ata drive update: istaller bar at ~half, 1hr 15mnts to go
  10. New AMD DVD for leopard

    hi again guys! i burned the image again today morning, burned it at full speed (18x) the first time (yesterday), now i burned it at the slowest possible speed (4x)....no "still waiting for root device" anymore...booted fine into the installer...was able to format the previousely ntfs formatted ata disk as hsf+ journaled using disk utility in installer and i'm installing right now 2hrs 12mnts left though...i'll keep you posted!
  11. New AMD DVD for leopard

    tried and failed (4x) but thanks for the idea anyway!!! gonna give up on this for today...really need to get some work done now!
  12. New AMD DVD for leopard

    thx for the advice...gonna test this now! EDIT: not working either
  13. New AMD DVD for leopard

    thanks for caring!!! i appreciate it really much!!! booting with -v -f -y didn't do it for me...well it first started loading hsf+ files, that's more tha it ever did before...but aftr a while it went back to "still waiting for root device" so, i guess i'm ot of luck for now...just leave it for now and wait for a new release...and start doing the work i should've done in the last hours
  14. New AMD DVD for leopard

    @mus: great!!! hope i can say the same soon still not working...tried now with an ata drive...same problem..."still waiting for root device"... what else could i try? any suggestions? i'm getting slightly mad here my system: amd 64x2 4400+ @2,2gh asus a8r mvp motherboard ati radeon x1900 512mb 3gb ddr dual channel ram sata2 and ata disks - want to install on sata2, but ata would be ok...i just really want this to work!
  15. New AMD DVD for leopard

    thanks a lot!!!! now i'm just hoping to get the install done...it's always stopping and telling me it's still waiting for the root device...tried different ways now... +just assigning a drive letter to the disk and keeping it RAW i.e. not formatted --> not working (waiting for root device) +assigning a drive letter and format ntfs --> finds the disk, but gets i/o errors, not able to write do disk/ceate directories +keep the disk RAW and assigning no drve letter --> not working (waiting for root device) +i also set the sata mode in bios to ahci and assigned the 1st boot drive to the dvd, 2nd boot drive is the drive i want leopard installed to, 3rd boot drive disabled --> not working either the drive is a samsung 160gb sata2 any suggestions how to prepare the drive - or what i'm doing wrong?