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  1. it'll be 64 bit either way, it's about the processor not the install I'm pretty sure. I recommend kalyway, it's really easy and I know it's 64. Sorry about spelling, I'm usually on my iPhone so I'm really lazy!
  2. Exactly..most bios's have a way to check the temperatures in the bios. Should run pretty cool with that heatsync on there. If it's running hot, usually all it means is that you need to reinstall the heatsync. It's REALLY easy to leave it not all the way on due to the extreme amount of force it takes to install those 775 sockets. It's ABSURD! I don't know how intel could be so smart and have such s stupid way of installing heatsyncs!
  3. yeah motherboard all use those same connections, the headers Are just usually in differnent places. The mobo manual will have their locations specified. You'll want to read up on how to apply the arctic silver. Easy instructions on their web site. That heatsync comes with decent directions, so you should be good. When you first turn it on check your temperatures!
  4. Overclocking does decrease the lifespan. But you could probably get a stable overclock to 2.8 without even upping any voltages. The increased voltage is the biggest way the processor's lifespan is affected. If you don't over voltage when overclocking, I'd say, along with other avid overclockers, that the benefit makes the lifespan of the processor a mute point. If you think you'll be using the same processor in 5 years or so, then you might worry about overclocking. But most of us tech hungry people can't last that long without getting our hands on faster hardware! Not only that there are millions of reports of people who have had components overclocked for YEARS. The improved heatsync will probably lengthen the lifespan of your processor enough to compensate for the overclocking shortening it's lifespan. Honestly, a year ago this processor cost 300 dollars! You know what I mean? So in another 2 years, which by then the processor will not have fried at all if you overclock right, the processor will probably retail for like what 60 bucks? Either way, overclock or not, the next step up in quad cores is 100 dollars more so I doubt you're going to be springing for that. You can do all sorts of reading up on overclocking, for now looks like you should order your components!
  5. About ps/2... It works fine. If you're going cheap, go for it. PS/2 should work fine. I don't even know if there is a way to check, but if you have a usb keyboard anywhere and a mouse, you can take the risk! I've never heard of ps/w not working, so it's good. What I meant by the support of higher processors by OC is that it supports 1600fsb that is on the newer processors by overclocking the fsb. This is an automatic overclock when you install the newer processors this board supports. As of now, you're buying a processor with 1066 fsb, which is fine. Gives you headroom for overclocking. With this mobo/cpu/heatsync I'm sure you could get to at least 3.1 ghtz stable instead of the stock 2.4. If you're going for a quad core, the next step up that is even worht looking at is quite a bit more expensive. If you're getting your own heatsync, you can save 10 bucks by adding the oem version of your processor instead of retail...I don't know what that entails on the warranty though...may want to read up on that
  6. Heatsync Cheapest for how well it cools http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835186134 I love this heatsync...Can't beat it for 25 bucks As far as the mobo goes, it looks fine as long as you can do the kext editing that is posted on the wiki there. If you read the wiki, and looked at those steps theyhad there and you can do them, it looks great.. It supports the later processors through overclock, and it looks to have what you need. If you can do the steps to make it work the way you want it to, shoot for it. Dvd burner I would recommend http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827151171 If you're looking for sleep, looks like it won't happen with this board though.
  7. ONE MORE THING!! I read the mobo wrong, so I don't have as much experience with it as I thought. Sorry!! But everything I said about SATA ports and SATA cables is true. Only 4 ports and from pictures it looks like it only comes with 2 cords
  8. Hey I've built two machines with that motherboard and they're great! I just wanted to let you know that basically the only things that don't work are shutdown and restart. One of the two worked until we updated to 10.5.3 I think, but no worries.. Sleep works and with restart and shutdown you only have to just manually hold in the power button on the machine. I actually used this same ram! So everything on the machine looks good to me. If you plan on overclocking that processor, which I recommend, I'd get a better heatsync/fan. These quad cores can run a little hot, and if you want to speed up your time on video encoding, overclocking is awesome. If you haven't done it before, there is somewhat of a learning curb, so you'd have to read up some...But as you're a hackintosh user I'm sure you're used to this! A couple other questions. One you are aware you are getting ps/2 input devices? I haven't read up on whether those work on this mobo, but I'm reasonably sure they would. Really haven't seen any of those not working on motherboards. I'm just saying it's old stuff. Also if you wanted to use the mouse with your laptop or some other machine it might make it difficult Two I would go, for one of your drives, with the non-lite scribe samsung. It has the fastest specs and is usually a dollar cheaper. Same customer reviews as your best drive. I love this drive. It burns DL dvds, not that I do that all that often, way fast. point is it's faster for the same price or cheaper. Basically just look up dvd burners and look at the 2 sata samsung drives, it's the one without lite-scribe Three the 8600 series is amazingly compatible with hackintosh but very underpowered compared to other nvidia chipsets. It has PLENTY of power for most anything you'll be doing with your hack, but just isn't the best gaming card. Doesn't sound like you want to game much anyway, so I don't think this matters. Fourth just so you know the terrabyte drives are terribly overpriced. Unless you're looking to save power, which by specs you have plenty on the PSU, or just like to have just one hard drive, you can get two 640gb drives for twenty dollars cheaper and have a lot more storage to boot. Pick any combo with 500gb drives and up and you'll pretty much always come out cheaper..750gb drives are just around 100 dollars. If I have the PSU to handle it, I'd always choose more hard drives with more gigabytes simply because statistically speaking 1/5 hard drives will fail... So for me better to have it spread out on a couple hard drives than have EVERYTHING i have just up and dissappear. Anyway, if you have any other questions shoot. Grey Oh....one more thing The mobo you are purchasing only comes with 2 sata cords.. So depending on what you choose to do, with your current setup you need to purchase one more cord. There are only 4 sata ports so if you want to add more hard drives later, then you might want to spring for that overpriced terrabyte drive! With your current setup, you'll have one sata port free. You can also always go with one ide disk drive to save an sata port. With only one drive on the ribbon, ide is fast enough I find.
  9. Hey jpsiemer, I recently bought my badax board just a month ago. I don't have ANY experience with iatkos, but have you looked into other install disks? I don't know of any install disks that just make the badax work with pc efi and vanilla kernal automatically. Usually there is some patching to do. However, with a badax board there are some excellent guides and knowledgeable people which help. Look at some of BJmoose 's posts and his guide. It all sounds complicated, but with a little knowledge it's possible. The badax is extremely compatible, and with just a little work you'll have a great system up and running. Some of the install disks are kalyway, toh, and brazilmac. Look up some guides using those disks. If you have extra hd's try some out. here are some posts that helped me out. I ended up having to use several for my final install: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=74705 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...ppleSMBIOS.kext (not necessarily specifically for badax but helpful) I have a retail badax with the following specs OSX 10.5.1 pc efi v8/ vanilla kernal Core 2 duo e4400 @2.65 oc'ed badax2 mobo 4gb ocz 6400 MSI 8800gts 500gb samsung spinpoint sata samsung dvdrw drive The key with this is to have patience....Some people make it sound like it's easy to set up. With the badax, it pretty much is using some of these install disks. But setting up efi/vanilla kernal can be a bit tricky. There is plenty of info around here though that can get you through it. As far as your problems with the install go, I've never seen anything similar on my board, even before efi/vanilla kernal.
  10. asrock conroe945g-dvi, leo 10.5.1, efi

    Hey I just recently purchased a conroe 1333 mobo, I've been trying to install for the last couple of days with no luck. So @mousse and twr, how did you guys install? See I've been trying to install with brazilmac/efi 8. Do I need to install pc efi 51 first and then upgrade to 8? Did you guys do guid or mbr? It would be really helpful to know these things. I've pretty much determined that I need to get pc efi 51, did you guys have success with 51? Also, what bios revision did you have? Thanks for posting!! Greybaby
  11. Hi I've just recently purchased a conroe 1333 board. Unfortunately, I can't get the kalyway installer to work. It loads up the darwin loader and then, before starting the leopard install, just restarts. Could I possibly have the wrong settings in the bios? I'm using an ide dvd drive, could that be a problem? Thanks for your time! Grey
  12. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    We installed efi/vanilla kernal with sort of a hybrid of the installer mentioned here. We used TOH but did some different things and got the vanilla kernal working. We had boot problems, so we had to boot form the disk. we did the update and repaired permissions. Somwher in all that, is started booting fine. Does anybody have any idea why that would be? Does repairing permissions help the boot thanks for all you guys contribute! Greybaby
  13. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    BJMOOSE, Yeah, it's a bad axe2. I installed perfectly just like you mentioned, no problem at all! It's amazing how easy it was. I patched the sound ect. Everything was working perfectly. But then when I installed leopard, created a new partition taking up the whole drive, effectively deleting os 10.4.9 which was installed perviously. Basically a fresh install. I downloaded the Leopard "GM 9a581 Patched for Intel PCs (SSE3 ONLY) and Patch" and then did this fresh install. After all was done, and I did a post patch as the instructions directed, it now will not read anything bootable on the hard drive. I've now downloaded the "ToH x86 9A581 RC2.iso" The first torrent is Brazilmac, correct? Thats what the iso claimed to be. Anyway, I'm puzzled as to how brazilmac would not have installed, since I have read that it should have worked. So if I'm understanding you correctly, once you've installed the EFI correctly, you can used the retail method if you just add several kexts that you mentioned? I would LOVE to install that way, it sounds amazing! You guys are geniuses for figuring that out. If you could direct me to a tutorial for this method, I believe you guy have mentioned most of it, just to efi part which I don't understand where I get those files and then exactly how I patch them in. Also, if you have any insights as to why brazilmac would not work, they'd be much appreciated. The partition I created was set as bootloader, and I changed "configure sata as" option in the bios to ahci instead of ide. Thanks so much for your response, BJMOOSE Greybaby
  14. BadAxe2 with GUID and EFI Tutorial

    I recently bought a badax mobo, I was wondering if installing the aforementioned way, the one at the beginning of the thread, requires one to have a working installation of tiger or leopard to install. I've not had, as of yet, any luck getting leopard to work on my board! Obviously it has to do with my not having installed the efi thing. If there is a good tutorial, and places where I can get the efi that would help. I'm getting the toh version, i've only installed with brazil mac and done post patch. What is the easiest install? Sorry I"m a little off topic from last replies, those methods sound interesting but probably to hard for me. Thanks! Greybaby
  15. Hey everybody. I recently purchased a D975XBX2 motherboard intending to install leopard on it. I installed 10.4.8 and did the update to nine and it was working just fine. I didn't read much about how to install leopard, only how to install it with the leopard disk which I dowloaded on a torrent. I did a fresh install. I did the patch and everything, but now it just restarts over and over again and it never boots into leopard. It just skips the hard drive as a boot device and goes straight to the disk. I have tried to set it up to boot from the hard drive first and the dvd first, neither boots me into leopard. My specs are as follows D975XBX2 motherboard 500gb sata samsung core 2 2.00 ghtz 800 front side bus 7600gt 2 gigs ocz ram If anybody has had this same problem with a similar set up and has resolved it, any help is much appreciated!!! The board is supposed to be extremely compatible, but I can't seem to get it to work? If anybody has done an upgrade, and has a link to instructions or could give them clearly, that might work. I just don't know, but its listed compatible, so I know it should work. Please HELP! I've been trying for hours now! I hate figuring stuff out, but I know it's worth it in the end. Thanks Greybaby