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  1. Is M.FL even a thing? This wireless thing sucks. Has anyone been able to get their wireless working with a new wireless card?
  2. nhart12, have your adapters shipped? Curious about the whether it will be a viable solution.
  3. Damn.. you should have asked me first. I could have ordered some with you and we could have split the shipping cost. Any one else want to get some cables and we can split the shipping?
  4. I doubt you will find a people to make you less than a bulk amount. These custom adapter designs won't be profitable unless you make these amounts. That being said... I'm down to buy a few myself. Soldering with coaxial cables can be finicky as there's a dielectric that's pretty important to signal transmission between the inside conductor and the shielding (ground in most instances). Just soldering might result in incorrect impedance matching and could lead to poorer signal ultimately. Anyway, let us know if you've got any progress with your companies.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coaxial_cable_cutaway.svg So you're saying you removed the plastic jacket and insulator to solder only the cores together?
  6. I was just looking to open up the W.FL antennas as well. Did you just solder the inner conductors together or did you also solder the conducting shields? And how in the world did you manage to make the small cuts to W.FL cable? Good Job man. Has anyone else tried to open up the screen to put in their own antennas?