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  1. I also have an E1505. Booting Leopard from a portable HDD. I also used the taruga technique for sound way back, and had the sound with no mute during headphones. I don't really know how to help out, though I do get random crashes on boot, and just now i got this error. sound assertion "0 == entry failed in "AppleHDA/AppleHDAEngine.cpp" at line 2363 sound assertion "0 == entry failed in "AppleHDA/AppleHDAEngine.cpp" at line 2396 then it just repeated the 2nd line for awhile and stopped and froze maybe thats a lead, or maybe its just my install. also i have an idea. don't know if its related at all, but there is a kext on kalyway for Intel VIA NVIDA ATI HD Audio or somemthing like that, and since sound is detected as Intel High Definition Audio, i am wondering if installing said kext would help get sound through speakers???
  2. hey all, i've been outta this whole shindig for awhile, but recently reinstalled using kalyway. everythings working fairly well. have yet to try the dual core kernel though. anyway i tried the new audio package by tbcarey on a 10.5.2 install, and i can report that the hardware picks up but no sound from speakers. and at the moment i can't test head phones b/c i don't have any with me at the moment. update later. EDIT: Sound works with Headphones. This package at least works this much with 10.5.2 so you don't have to upgrade to use it.
  3. dell broadcom 1490, 10.5.1 kalyway... no wifi

    Try booting either without your battery, or without your power adapter. I know it sounds silly. But thats what fixed it for me. I had the 1490 working fine for awhile, then it just all of a sudden stopped working. Tried booting without the power adapter and that fixed everything. Good luck.
  4. [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I never did find a solution to my wireless problem on the forum and ended up fixing it myself last night. Anyway, I swapped out my Prowireless minicard in my Dell E1505 for a Truemobile 1390. Works like a charm and is detected as Third Party Airport. After all updates, it suddently stopped working, that is to say I couldn:t turn the the Airport ON, and I actually found alot of people with the same problem but no solution. Anyway, tried the swap trick, tried changing my location, making a new login, etc. Nothing worked. Even tried booting into safemode and repairing permissions, and also reloading all kexts etc. Nothing worked. In the end, I tried removing my battery and booting with only power adapter, didn:t work. Then I tried the reverse, battery with no power adapter, and voila wireless turned on. Then I realized that I had actually had a problem like this before when my DVDRW wouldn:t get any power after the system booted in to XP, even though everything was detected in BIOS. So anyway, if anyone has problems after updates, try booting without your battery and if that doesn:t work, try booting without power cable. I know it sounds silly, but it seems to be some kind of power problem. Oh yeah, and i suppose this only applies to laptops, cheers!
  5. Confirming that the method works. Although I made a few alterations. Credit goes to karaakeha1 for the method, and aliab and goob for the tips. Started with a working Brazilmac installation using Onetrack's Guide. (Not sure if you can start with Tiger) Installed to USB HD (going to use this to try an install to internal drive on desktop, GA-965P-DS3 Rev3.3) Replaced AppleSMBIOs, added dsmos and NVInject, and removed AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. Didn't remove AppleEFIRuntime because my other installation had it (your situation may differ). Chown, Chmod, Repair Permissions. Booted up and works like a charm. Goodluck!
  6. I'm using a Brazilmac install using this guide and everything is working solid. I had checked my Extensions folder on this install and noticed that AppleEFIRuntime was there, so I decided not to remove it from the Retail Install. I guess I should note that I'm installing this to USB HD, using my laptop (installed with Brazilma) then booting the USB HD with desktop. Its more or less an experiment. I'll try your suggestion here, but I think I may have tried it before when I tried to install retail to a 2nd partitin on my laptop. haha. We'll see how it goes. Also going to give the other suggestions a try. Thanks!
  7. honestly, how many people have gotten this working? i have a working hackintosh using OneTracks guide. been trying to nail this one down for hours. always get stuck at mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer name: using default bMachintosh mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified local hostname: using default bMachintosh Tried everything mentioned except removing AppleEFIRuntime because my working installation actaully has that installed. Replaced AppleSMBIOS and added dsmos and IONetworking. All permissions correct. ALWAYS gets stuck at above mentioned lines. Any clues anyone? Thanks.
  8. ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    has anyone ever thought of combining code from different drivers? i personally have everything "working" by editing the ATIRadeonX1000 kext. but i think since there is a X1300 kext out there, why not add in the LDVS detection from another kext? just sounds reasonable. of course, i dunno much about coding. jsut a thought though.
  9. Leopard Perfect Install

    Yes, its a restart fix. And I can confirm it works because I'm using it. Actually, I figured out the problem after reading up on AHCI.Yeah you're right, only the purple JMicron ports support AHCI because only the Intel Chipsets ending in R/DO/DH support AHCI on the Intel ports.So I went and dug around the Gigabyte website because I knew that in order to boot my windows partition with AHCI, I would need a driver. Lo and behold there was a GSATA2 Raid driver just sitting there on the downloads page. Installed it. Shut down, changed my setup to Main HDD and DVDRW on purple JMicron ports, and Storage HDD on Intel Port. Rebooted into XP and everything was fine. Rebooted again, this time into Leopard, and BOOM, there was my DVDRW drive and my main harddrive.Now the only issue is getting my Storage drive recognized, and for that, I need IDE support. But if i reinstall into my internal drive, then I suppose I could use this external as an extra storage drive strictly for OSX.Thinking I'll write a guide for this board soon. Cheers!
  10. Leopard Perfect Install

    Quick question. I boot Leopard from and IDE HDD connected via USB. Everything works now, well 99%. That last 1% is accessing my DVDRW and my two other HDDs, all three of them are SATA. I'm wondering if I need AHCI enabled on my bios? I have a GA-965P-DS3 Rev. 3.3 and it has 6 SATA ports. 4 are Intel based, and the other two are called Gigabyte SATA? I'll say that when I installed Leo, it detected my HDD connected to SATA0 and my DVDRW which is connected to SATA1. But it didn't display the correct size for the HDD. My HDD connected SATA3 didn't get picked up at all. Is this normal? Thoughts? Comments? Wondering if maybe I should just get ready for a format and install everything with AHCI support...
  11. All you need to do is click Configure -> Off -> Apply then Configure -> DHCP -> Apply Cause from what it looks like, you at least have your Ethernet Adapter recognized.
  12. Leopard Perfect Install

    You are quite possibly talking about AppleACPIPlatform bin file? Yeah I was thinking above said location was where it goes, but wasn't sure cause it shows up as a quicktime file. Word. I'll give it a try this afternoon. And speaking of which, I'm curious about the graphical stuttering some people are getting? Read on another thread that Core Duo and Core2Duo processors are affected and people are having to do the cpu=1 flag? Does this happen for all CD and C2D chips?
  13. Leopard Perfect Install

    This is what you need for laptop keyboard/mouse here. Remember to replace xxxxx with the location of the file. chown -R root:wheel xxxxxxx chmod -R 755 xxxxxxxx rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext rm -rf /System/Library//Extensions.kextcache kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions Good luck
  14. Leopard Perfect Install

    ---EDIT--- This is probably what you need here. I used this on my Dell E1505 when I was trying to install Leopard on it. Works a charm, just drop it in your extensions folder, chown, chmod, delete extensions.mkext and reboot. Good luck! Just realized that I had trouble with this when trying to install Tiger 10.4.9 to the same laptop. I THINK if you run the following commands, it will work. Replace xxxxx of course. chown -R root:wheel xxxxxxxx chmod -R 755 xxxxxxxx rm -rf xxxxxxxxx/Extensions.mkext rm -rf xxxxxxxxx/Extensions.kextcache kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions not quite sure if these last two commands are the same or not. I was gonna try them today for Ethernet, but it somehow magically worked after i installed sound drivers. Anyway, I think the point is to get the kext cache cleared. I would suggest doing all this from single user mode because i read somewhere that it wouldnt work otherwise. Or do it from boot dvd. Good luck! ---------- Leo working perfect except for Reboot on a GA-965P-DS3 Rev 3.3. Audio, Graphics, Ethernet, 10.5.1 update, all ok. And I realized I never thanked OneTrack, so thanks for a great guide! Ended up using Kalyway disc and stuck with MBR as well, using EFI v8. Does anyone have any ideas about Reboot not working? I installed to an external drive, maybe thats why?
  15. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    you know what, my dell e1505 doesn:t even say i have audio hardware. odd ey? i know it uses some form of sigmatel hda, but not sure which one. any ideas? maybe i should just try a few different ones and see? the 9200 hasn:t worked yet.