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  1. Hello there I'm trying to install iATKOS ML2, so I "burned" it, with TransMac, in my USB flash drive. I installed Clover in another USB flash drive, but the following error appears when I try to boot it: "This version of mac os x is not supported on this platform" After I got this problem I tried with Chimera, but the iATKOS entry doesn't even appear. I read that the changing the SMBIOS file may solve the problem, but I'm not being able to figure this out. I really could use some help, so thanks in advanced!
  2. Thanks for all the info. I hope you're right, it's my final plan. It seems that Pro Tools 10 does not work in Mavericks1 and that it crashes with Kontakt 5 under Mountain Lion2, but I'll definitely will give it a try (downloading it right now). Thanks for the advice, it's really useful. 1 http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/Compatibility/Pro-Tools-10-3-System-Requirements 2 http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/troubleshooting/Known-issues-with-Pro-Tools-10-3-Mac-OS-X-10-8-Mountain-Lion
  3. Hello anonymousnbs, thanks for your reply! I will check that guide and tool. I hope they are useful to me I see... Do you know if this also apply to Lion? Pro Tools 10 can work with OS X 10.7 too, if I can run it instead of Snow Leopard that would be great. Thanks once again.
  4. Hello! I want to thank all of you for your very quick responses, and for your time, I really appreciate it. I'm trying to install this OS X version because I want to use Pro Tools 10, and it does not run properly unless it's installed under Snow Leopard or Lion. Is there a possibility to easily install any of those distros? Cheers.
  5. Hello there I'm trying to install iATKOS S3, using Clover as a bootloader (loaded to a USB stick with BootDiskUtility.exe). I used the following flags but a panic screen appears (see attachment for more details): kext-dev-mode=1 rootless=0 -x -v maxmem=8192 cpus=1 npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 -no-zp I used these flags before (except the first two of them, which come with Clover default configuration) in order to install Yosemite-Zone, with success. I thought they would work in Snow Leopard too, but it seems that they don't. ​Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks in advanced! My PC: Intel 4790k Asus h81m-a
  6. Hello there After some struggle I've successfully installed Yosemite Zone on my PC, along with Windows and Linux, using a multiboot. The purpose of this thread is to understand the general method of installation, as it's not completely clear to me. I'll give you my version of this, please feel free to correct me or add information. 0) Prepare BIOS/UEFI & hardware for installation. The first thing is to configure the BIOS/UEFI and to check that the correct hardware is available (such as: compatible motherboard, free RAM slots, etc.). 1) Download OS X file. There are three types: ISO, DMG or APP. (The difference between them is not clear to me.) 2) Format & Burn OS X file. Format the UBS, a tool may be included on the USB burn tool (e.g. TransMac), and then burn: (The needed file system and boot sector are not clear to me.) Under Windows: + ISO: Via Unetbootin (or similar). + DMG: Via TransMac (or similar). + APP: N/A? Under OS X: + ISO: Via dd (or similar). + DMG: Via Disk Utility (or similar). + APP: ##### (or similar). 3) Boot USB with proper flags. Use the USB to boot PC with flags that avoid panic screens or other errors (such as: PCIRootUID=1, -no-zp, etc.). 4) Format destination disk and select it for installation. Use Disk Utility (available in the installer) to prepare the destination disk, so then it can be selected for installation. 5) Continue with the installation wizard. Set the preferred configuration and confirm installation. 6) Use #####. Use ##### to install kext files and set other post-installation options (such as: Chimera bootloader). My main concern is about the step number 2. Can anyone enlighten me on this item? Thanks in advanced! EDIT: It seems that some applications are not admitted in InsanelyMac, so any alternative is welcomed.
  7. Hello there! I've installed Yosemite successfully, then Windows 7 and finally Mint (with GRUB in the / partition). Which flags should I mark in order to Chimera manage the boot options? I've been trying for a while but I can't find the correct combination. Thanks in advanced! NOTE: Right now I'm not able to boot into any OS.
  8. ACTUALIZACIÓN: Pude resolver el problema usando el siguiente flag: "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32@60" Mientras estaba instalando apareció el siguiente error: An error occurred while extracting files from the package "Essentials.pkg". Esto lo resolví usando el siguiente flag: -no-zp (notar que no hay espacios) Espero que sea de utilidad. Saludos.
  9. FINAL UPDATE: I solved the problem by using the following flag along with the previous ones: "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32@60" Then I had one more issue, while installing this error appeared: An error occurred while extracting files from the package "Essentials.pkg". This one was solved by adding the following flag: -no-zp (notice that there are no whitespace characters) Thanks for the support, I hope this can be useful. Cheers.
  10. Hello STLVNUB, thanks a lot for your time. It's Yosemite Zone, burned to a pendrive with TransMac. Note that I once installed this hack successfully by: - Booting the installation pendrive with: -v -x maxmem=4096 cpus=1 PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000 - Booting the installed system with: -v -x PCIRootUID=1 - Erasing VoodooHDA (located under /System/Libraries/Extension and on the System Preferences menu). - Using a HDMI TV (with my motherboard DVI output). But now I'm stucked at this screen. UPDATE: I have burned Yosemite Zone image again and the original panic screen didn't show up, but now I get this one: Followed, after about 15 seconds, by this one: Could it be a UEFI configuration problem? Note: I have reset the SSD with hdparm (using this guide: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSD_memory_cell_clearing)just in case. Thanks. SECOND UPDATE: I've just tried adding the GraphicsEnabler=No tag, but the same screens appeared. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080, can that be a problem? Thanks.
  11. Hola gente Estoy intentando instalar Yosemite y aparece el siguiente cartel cuando booteo: Alguien puede darme una mano? Gracias! Mi PC es: ASUS H81M-A Intel 4790k Sin placa de video Monitor DVI Mi PC: ASUS H81M-A Intel 4790k Sin placa de video SSD Kingston V300 (240 GB) Monitor DVI
  12. Yes, sorry for that. ASUS H81M-A Intel 4790k No video card SSD Kingston V300 (240 GB) DVI monitor
  13. Hello guys I'm trying to install Yosemite and the following panic screen is displayed, at the first boot: Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks in advanced!