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  1. Hows everyone doing. I have a few questions. First off has anyone successfully gotten mountain lion to work on a dell t7400? Also I currently have two x5460 xeon processors installed and on the web in some places it mentions that there is problems installing osx on the dell with more than one cpu in while installing? why is this? Also does anyone know if this motherboard will be compatible with mountain lion? Thanks Mitch. ps heres my complete setup i hope everything will work I got a dell precision 690, and my plan was to replace a bunch of the parts. I ended up with this: Purchased new mobo from t7400 dell that accepts better processors Purchased 16gb ram (8x2gb Hynix 667 PC2-5300F) Purchases Patriot Inferno 60GB SSD 4x16 gb super fast ssd drives, so 5 total ssds including the 60gb inferno. should help when working on CAD, fcp7 project, premier pro and maybe fcpx 2 1TB Western Digital sata drives Dell 750w Power Supply NVIDIA QUADRO FX5600 (gonna try and do a Mac Pro rom image swap) Purchased 2x Xeon X5460 (Quad Core 3.167GHz 12MB 1333MHz) *Might buy 2 x5482 or x5492, realized the board can accept 1600mhz processors! Need to buy new Dvd burner (unless i don't need one to install) Got a airport expreme N apple wireless card in a pci adaptor from ebay You think I would be ok with Mountain Lion? It seems that this would be similar to an 8-core 3,1 Mac Pro, except I think that may have the x5482 processors??
  2. Guys i need your help

    Hey guys, i just bought a dell precision 690, and im swapping a t7400 motherboard and processors to make a hackintosh, but that's besides the point. It came with a fx 4500 Quadro graphics card, obviously not mac version now im thinking about getting a Radeon 4870 question is, is the 4870 that much better? and also would i buy the mac pro version of the 4870, or the windows version when installing on a hackintosh? Like if i buy the mac pro version would it install without kexts, and extra hackintosh drivers, modifications? Thanks, Mitch ** forgot to mention i do not game. i will be using it pretty much only for fcp. maybe a game in the near future if something catches my eye

    the new OQO would support it i believe, and it woudl still be a unique slick mac
  4. InsanelyHacked!

    we should try to narrow down the search ok, it wasn't me lol
  5. new wallpaper

    black one but still 10.4, ill do a 10.5 one when i have the time tomorrow
  6. the new addition to my masterpieces http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/3082/osx862lt.jpg o ya
  7. these are my 7th and 8th backgrounds It's Everything You Could Have Imagined and Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't
  8. Unofficial Sticker

    mine label.bmp label2.bmp
  9. i made some cool stickers out of the original white apple stickers that come with the g5 (the white ones witht the clear outline) i out it on label making wax paper, lined it up, and put it through an inkjet printer the first one smudged, but u have to wait about 2 days 4 it to dry
  10. I was wondering if this is the new version of intel osx and if it is, can i somehow use this dvd to get osx86 running on a non apple pc
  11. Quake 3 for intel!!!

    http://www.sqonk.com.au/Quake3-MacOSX-IntelDevBox.zip "ID Software have opened up the source for Quake 3 to the public, so what better way to celebrate than to port it to run on the OS X-Intel architecture! So if you are lucky enough to have access to an Apple Intel developer box, fire it up and enjoy."
  12. im kinda new, and know absolutely nothin about settin up an internet connection. i have this screen: http://www.i-hacked.com/images/stories/OSx...-Connection.jpg i have no idea what any of this means what do i do? *i have optimum online
  13. cool background

    I made two more too blue - http://www.geocities.com/halo2clanm/blueosx86.jpg and tiger - http://www.geocities.com/halo2clanm/tigerosx86.JPG the osx86 symbol in the middle is taken from- http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/2889/x8...wresized9cr.png