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  1. I am not sure, if i understand it correctly. If i compile a C source on a PPC platform, the target platform will be PPC. Why would it be x86, if i try to compile this driver? Cross compiling is when i compile for x86 on PPC, or vice versa, but i try to compile for PPC on PPC.
  2. I thought, but why can't i compile it with XCode? How can i do that anyway?
  3. Hi everybody. I have an MDD-2003 with OSX 10.4.11 + XCode 2 and i've put an SB Live! into the machine. I installed the kx Driver 1.3b0, but something is wrong. The kxctrl says the binary cannot be executed. (chmod +x did not helped) The kx control center in the applications folder does not work, it just throws up a message, that this version of OSX is not good for it. I did not found any information on the page, that this binary is for the PPC or the x86 Tiger. I tried to do it from source. I read the readme, it said: no build instructions for Mac. I checked the "macosx" folder, i read the scripts and i understood what they are do, but none of them build the binaries. I tried to open the project file with XCode, but it did nothing, it did not open it, did not show any error. I'm familiar with UNIX-es, but i am new with OSX. Can anyone help me?