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  1. corint1


    thank you for your answer , how I say my motherboard is ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO ... is it possible to use ozmosis ?
  2. corint1


    the ruin is the mother of wisdom ... you could answer that you can not, it's too hard or you do not want ... anything ... but do not take me into account I find it offensive ... everyone was born clever and intelligent ... thank you ..
  3. corint1


    hello everyone, my system is with a motherboard asus maximus x hero and an i7 8700k processor, where and how do I start using ozmosis? I read the topic on jumps but I did not understand much. you are all advanced. please help me understand the mechanism and I can integrate myself with the community. thank you
  4. corint1

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    all I found about mojave ... many versions ... none work for me ... no video accelaration( use driver for hs 13.5) ... no sound ...something missing but I dont know what ...
  5. corint1

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    hi, can anybody share an EFI folder ? for asus hero X + 8700k + nvidia 970 ...thank you ... what I try was time lost ...
  6. hi ... where found to download thios app?... thank you
  7. I do not get there ... hangs in the bios ... where should I put the cable from the monitor? in intel or nvidia or does not matter?
  8. thank you , but is not usefull ... dont boot ... rest in black screen and nothing happening ... only bios reset help to boot again ...
  9. hi, for me with this bios settings (dual nvidia+intel gpu) system dont boot ... rest in a black screen and nothing happening ... i can boot only with reset bios settings ... any help appreciate ... tkx
  10. how use combo nvidia with intel 630?... i have black sceen , no boot ...
  11. hi @MaLd0n, please share your ssdt ...or dsdt...tkx
  12. ok ... sorry ... you have right ...is not about yours guide ... I read in another topic of this story only that it was totally wrong ... so sorry for confusion, it was not about your guide ...
  13. never mind ... in final I found a reason for this and a method to a fresh install to 13.4 If you deleted the .IAPhysicalMedia you need to create the installer again don't remove the .IAPhysicalMedia just create the .IABootFiles folder and then copy the boot.efi from the given path. It works on my end.
  14. it is OK !!!.... many thank ... for you and @fabiosun ...
  15. I will try ... just lost time ....:((((((((((