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  1. My track-pad works with single tap as click and two finger tap as right mouse button on VMWare. How can I enable track-pad multi finger scroll up and down gestures?
  2. Is there any way to update old version to new version with just double clicking the High Sierra.app on VMWare? I tested it on 10.12.6 to 10.13 but It lost the boot.
  3. It is solved. Many many thanks I have installed previous versions many times but the disk was visible in all of them. I spent about 4 to 5 hours. you saved me
  4. I did it multiple times but nothing happened. Since i am installing through ISO file I did not add sata0:0.virtualSSD = "0"
  5. I crated an ISO file from the High Sierra 10.13.1 and when I try to install the OS, can not see the HDD in the Disk Utility. I have tested on both VMWare 12.5 and VMWare 14. I have not seen such a thing before. Any Idea?
  6. I tried to create iso file from Mac OS 10.13.1 and ended up with the following error. Making disk bootable... Copying boot files... Failed to copy kernelcache, “prelinkedkernel” couldn’t be copied to “.IABootFiles”. Done. what can cause the problem? Size of the downloaded file:5,208,823,747 bytes (5.2 GB on disk) I am using 10.12 on VmWare. Can I update my running OS X 10.12 with just double clicking the downloaded file?
  7. milligator

    Sierra MBR Patch

    For ELCapitan I used the patch and it worked. Now how to install on MBR? Just following 1 to 10 except 8 and 9?
  8. copy to which of my directories? if i press no, where can i find the ssdt then?
  9. hi. as i do the instruction in first post, i face different errors