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  1. how do you install vmware tools on tiger

    There aren't any vmware tools for a vmware Virtual Mac yet. VMWare Fusion 2 will introduce vmtools for mac os x server. The closest is the vmtools for Linux, but to work on a vmMac, they need to be modified, and that is still a work in progress.
  2. Sounds interesting. BigPimpin is right. The kernel should not be generating any network activity on its own. Perhaps its time to go to a certain bay and redownload the os again, from a reputable poster.
  3. Hi. You need to check and configure Little Snitch's preferences through an admin account. Also, you didn't state if it is LS 1 or 2.
  4. That's it I'm giving up - Apple won

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents I'm running a mac.nub Tiger 10.4.10 install and it runs fast and stable. Here are my specs: Shuttle SD37P2 Intel q6600 (@2.75ghz) 8gb ECC ram Sapphire x1950 pro pcie card (with CI/QE fully operational) 320gb Samsung hd 750gb Seagate hd x2 Asus DVD burner Broadcom ethernet ALC882 5-channel audio All audio, usb, and ethernet ports work. For the audio and ethernet to work, I did have to borrow the drivers from the Kalway 10.5.2 dvd. I have fast user switching enabled (for 1 admin, 2 standard accounts). This is our main computer at home. Ironically I moved from a MacMini to this machine, so I could use Final Cut Studio 2, Shake, and Cinema 4D. No kernel panics; Little Snitch 2 is running 24/7; Can use handbrake (converting videos to xh264), Final Cut Pro 6, Fusion, Camino, Itunes, Word, Excel, WEBstractor, Transmission, DVD Player, and various other programs simultanously with multiple users signed on and NO problems or BBoD. I've also updated Java 6 for Mac, Quicktime 7.4.5 (with Pro), Itunes (7.4.2). So yeah, I would say there is something wrong with your OS X installation....But that's why this site exists.
  5. Shuttle Sb86i + OSx86 -> Yes !

    Hi, ya'll. I have two shuttles. Both XPC sd37p2. Kalyway Leo 10.5.2 Intel q6600 (2.75ghz) 8gb ECC ram Nvidia 8600gt 512mb ram (with OpenGL - CI and QE) 320gb HD 750gb HD x2 Asus DVD Burner Broadcom 5751 G-Ethernet Realtek ALC 8882 audio All usb, firewire, sound, and ethernet ports work MacDotNub Tiger 10.4.10 Intel q6600 (2.75ghz) 8gb ECC ram Ati Radeon XT 2600hd 8600gt 256mb ram (with OpenGL - CI and QE) 320gb HD 750gb HD x2 Asus DVD Burner Broadcom 5751 G-Ethernet Realtek ALC 8882 audio All usb, firewire, sound, and ethernet ports also work. Had to borrow the drivers for the video card, audio, and ethernet from the Kalyway Leo install. Installed Tiger first, then used Pacifist to install the other drivers.
  6. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    Works great. Specs: Shuttle SD37P2 Q6600 320gb HDs x3 8gb ECC ram Ati Radeon HD 2600 XT (256 ddr3; pcie) Broadcom 5751 G-Ethernet Realtek ALC882 6-channel audio All work and all the USB and firewire work. The kabylkernel was the only one to recognize all 4 cores. All the other ones only saw 1 core. System Profiler works except for the memory section. It doesn't report the memory.