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  1. [How to] HP NC6220 10.5.5

    HP nc6220 with Pentium M 740 1,7Ghz , GMA900 , Broadcom bc4318 WIFI not working: LAN, card reader, sound working with an artifact.(the built in speaker is still on if you have something in the line out.) You will need : 1. XxX 10.5.5 install disc (you can install the released ppfs, it's optional) 2. HP nc6220 laptop 3. external monitor 4. kexts Install 1. Setup Connect an external monitor to the laptop Insert the install DVD Open the disk utility and format the HDD ( mac os - journaled ) Close the utility and continue the install Click the Customize button and choose these packages: Click on Done button Click on Install button Wait... Click on Restart Wait while the system boots After the boot you will see , that the screen is full of glitches. (I don't know why ,but at first you need to boot the system in normal mode or you will be not able to make the registration in safe mode.) Turn off the system by holding the power button. Enter the Darwin prompt with the F8 button. In the prompt you need to enter -x boot flag. If you did everything properly you will see the Welcome screen. After the registration connect your flash disk ,external hdd, or ipod that contains these zip archives : gma 950 retail kexts , gma 950 enabler kexts. Open the finder > open the volume where you installed the os > System > Library > Extensions Choose all gma 950 related kexts and the framebuffer kext. Drag them to the trash. Enter your password. Unpack the two archives you downloaded and unpack them to a folder (for example on the Desktop) Open the KextHelper ( Applications > Utilities) Drag the unpacked kexts to the KextHelper and enter your password then Easy install them. Cross your fingers like the kexthelper said and restart. (without any bootflag, so no -x ...) If you did everything properly like me , when you open the System Profiler you will see something like this: If you want , you can install the new voodoo kernel for SSE3 emulation. Happy New Year for everybody. ps - sorry for my english I hope this tutorial will be useful for somebody.
  2. Wordpress theme suggestions

    www.smashingmagazine.com there is a lot of wordpress theme reviews. check the last theme by the design desease team!
  3. Web Designs - Feedback Needed!

    www.cssmania.com - www.smashingmagazine.com go learn.
  4. anybody have experiences with this processor and macosx? i know it hasn´t SSE3 but i´m interested bcause it´s so cheap.
  5. Best Laptop Hackintosh?

    i´m still looking for the cheapest option to run xp and mac os on a notebook. which celeron processors are compatible ? it is celeron m530 compatible??