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  1. Aiuto installazione.

    Salve a tutti. Dopo un po' di tempo a rendermi conto di quanto Winzzozz sia penoso vorrei tornare a usare Osx sul mio hackintosh. L'unico problema sono gli aggiornamenti automatici: non sopporto di dover aspettare ogni volta di prendere il kernel patchato, installarlo a mano e pregare che non si impalli il computer al riavvio. Pur avendo un Pentium 4 HT 530 un po' datato, c'è un modo per avere un hackintosh perfettamente funzionante? Che mi dite dei vari Chameleon, boot-132 etc? Attualmente mi sto "procurando" una ideneb. La mia configurazione è Pentium 4 HT 530 (CPU) 2gb Kingston 533 Mhz Ddr2 (RAM) Nvidia Geforce 7600GT (GPU) Asus P5GD2 (MOBO)
  2. Dove posso trovare kext per schede audio?

    Usa il patcher di Taruga. Credo sia nella sezione Xlabs alla voce applehda
  3. Some months ago the parliament approved a "progetto di legge" wich is more or less a law in way of approval, that allowed 16 years old people to drive superfast motorbikes like suzuki gsx-r or honda cbr without any special license, thank God someone realized that and was modified. The italian Mps are idiots, they make sloppy laws. Our Ex-Minister of justice is being investigated actually, which gives you an idea of how ridicolous the situation is!
  4. asus EEE

    Te o Ve lo chiedo come curiosità personale: Sono molto attratto da questo piccolo notebook della asus, volevo avere qualche opinione. Come vi siete trovati? Ad esempio, lo schermo: dà fastidio il fatto che sia 7" pollici o che abbia così poca memoria fissa,se è maneggevole, etc.. Premesso che esteticamente lo trovo molto carino, ma non so se valga la pena di tirare fuori 400 e passa leuri per un computer con quelle specs. Tiger è usabile o è lento ?

    Well, if I remember well, in 2000-2001 was planned the construction of some Incinerators near naples, since it was obvius that without them, it would have happend what is actually a reality now. The incinerators were never built, there are many reasons why. One is that there are too many interests linked to the camorra (more or less the campania's mafia), to the italian politicians and many others. So everybody mutually decided that the best thing to do was to actually do anything so that nobody would be disappointed( This happens really often in Italy Actually). Also there is a deep crysis for what concerns Italian politics, which I'm not going to explain, for two reasons: 1 I'm not going to be objective, since I'm Ideologically involved, 2 It is such a mess that it would require hours to make it clear. I feel really sorry for the people in Naples. The worst thing is that the media and the politicians seem to have almost forgotten that there is a crysis going on.
  6. Dell XPS M1330 Hardware

    Macgirl, can you try this codec please? codec.txt
  7. KDE 4.0 RC2 released

    \switchtoitalianmode Ciao Alessandro. Diciamo che anche a me viene in maniera più naturale, anche perchè quando mi sono iscritto a questo forum di italiano non c'era praticamente nessuno. Ti ringrazio ma l'inglese lo conoscete molto meglio te e lord. \end
  8. KDE 4.0 RC2 released

    Tried it on Archlinux. Looks nice but it still feels ...choppy, maybe it'll just get fixed in the final release. It lacks of smoothness. And IMHO it resembles Vista in too many ways i think. I still love kde anyway. P.s.BTW, it's nice to see other italian users here, Ciao Alessandro e Lord_muad_dib!
  9. Intel Wireless driver

    Well it seems that codegenic is nothing but a liar. Good job jalavoui.
  10. BCM5906

    I've got this chip on my laptop too. I thing it should work substituting the dev id and the ven id with the ones in the info.plist file . There is an explanation on how to do this in this forum, but i haven't tried yet. Let us know, good luck.
  11. IBM Thinkcenter NetXtreme Gigabit Driver BCM5705A2

    Hi tirtho. Could you explain to me how you did this? I want to patch the same driver for the netxtreme with dev id 1713 and ven id 14e4.
  12. Hi everyone! I've just managed to install leopard on my beige box, and it works perfectly. But the darwin bootloader didn't install on leopard' partition, so i have to boot from the darwin bootloader on tiger's partition everytime in order to boot leopard. How can i install the darwin bootlader on A SINGLE PARTITION (not the mbr)?
  13. Broadcom BCM5752 [14e4:1600]

    I quote holymountain. Is there a possibility that this kind of solution may work on a 59xx series chip? Just guessing...
  14. Fake iPhone

    LOL Chinese are so funny: That phone is a mess! the interface resembles somehow the nokia s60v3 GUI, the scrollbars seem to be copied from Vi$ta, and the icons are a mixture of apple and linux ones. The double sim card slot is a cool feature though! The price is HIIIIIGH! Too high! 450 bucks for a horrible copy of something that costs 500$? It is not worth it.
  15. I'm quite confused. Why should we be interested in that? IMHO it is not so much impressive. The fifth supercomputer in the world based on hundreds of Apple G5 workstations, that was impressive.