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  1. No Hard Drives In Disk Utility

    Disk utility will show all Devices/Volumes, mounted or not. The problem are kexts and some OSX86 DVDs are better than others. If your disk controller is not functionnal try another distrib. Also recommend trying Tiger before Leo unless you have common Core2Duo hardware.
  2. Darwin bootloader problem

    I've had the exact same effect except I have 1 partition Tiger, and I installed Leo on my other partition. Now Leo is detected as not bootable in Startup Disk. Even though Tiger is bootable, I need the Leo install disk inside, I do not "press a key to boot from the cd" in order to boot from my good old Tiger parition. Indeed seems like the bootloader was broken.
  3. Transport Tycoon Deluxe for iPhone

    I built railroads all across the map and manage a few hundred trains and airplanes. Smooth framerate. It does seem to eat the battery though. I've generated a 510MB full screenshot of my game (see attachment); that's the only thing that crippled the iPhone CPU but it only took 3 minutes. I tried various PC games for Transport simulation this one is still the best after 10 years.
  4. HDD not detected by Leopard

    Probably a video driver issue -but also a kernel panic. Note that some laptops have very different versions of the standard video cards and the laptop display may not work under Mac OS. You can find other topics with your video card and "black screen on boot" issue. Try the verbose -v mode during boot. If the latter (kernel panic) make sure you got a proper kernel for your CPU/architecture.
  5. noob problems

    how did you make your HDD/Controller functionnal?
  6. [Random] 9999 Replies

    Why the hell did you keep your recycle bin on your desktop? I hope you learned your lesson...
  7. HDD not detected by Leopard

    The problem is not the HDD but your SATA controller. Try to find the option in your BIOS to disable SATA or use IDE mode - something like that. Lastly: STOP DOUBLE-POSTING... man... why hasnt the moderator raped this guy in the ear yet???!
  8. noob problems

    on many laptops this option isn't available in the bios....
  9. No Hard Drives In Disk Utility

    Hi Jaded, any progress since XMas? I have not seen many sucessful cases with Pentium D. Anyway the problem seems to be the driver from your disk controller (IXP???). Kalyway sure has a good set of drivers. I'm in a similar scenario. Core2Duo laptop functionnal. Trying on AMD Turion64 laptop with uphuck 10.4.9 v2 (AMD+Intel), I can't detect the disks. However, the Intel version of uphuck dvd (v4) can detect the disks, but obviously it will not work with the Turion CPUs. I wish someone would help us. For now im downloading uphuck 10.4.9 v4 AMD version and Kalyway 10.5.1 AMD...
  10. Mount Hard-disk

    I think you need to load the appropriate kext (driver) and reboot. MacOS is automount.
  11. hard drive not detected on laptop HP 520

    You should try a more recent DVD release. Uphuck 10.4.9 Intel v4 is great to detect SATA now. Even if you manage to load the kext, you will not be able to update to 10.4.9/10
  12. Disk Utility doesn't see any partitions - wtf?

    Hopefully a driver issue. Which install DVDs did you try (exaclty, the releaser)?
  13. noob problems

    Thanks Mebster for moving the topic. Like he said, try to play with Disk Utility and let us know... Don't worry about uninstalling drivers..if they do not support your hardware, the kernel will load other drivers. I've got a fresh 10.5.1 DVD here and I guess I'll try it before saying anything else!
  14. Leopard = Vista?

    I want an OS that allows me to accomplish and organize my tasks faster. Leo does in 5 mouse clicks what Vista does in 25. Period. Now to answer the actual forum question: Is Apple doing the same mistakes Microsoft is doing? I think if you try both OSes, the answer is clear: Leo seems to have been constructed more carefully and with more 'style'. Microsoft made a new version of the OS we all used for a decade (Windozer). Just like XP after 98, the good people will learn how to use it. Still wondering why Bill Gates escaped the back door? Still wondering why MacOS surpasses Windows in Japan? Yes, of course its not all black and white. I'm glad Vista exists because n00bs don't get ripped off with really cheap video cards anymore. Competition pushes everything forward .... to our ultimate robot-controlled future!!!!
  15. noob problems

    Welcome Teren, Try Applications/Utilities/ Disk Utility to see your Disk(s) in a friendly interface. Hopefully you will be able to create another partition from the empty space. As for the graphic card, I don't think your card will be able to support QE (yet) but check the Hardware/Driver forum! MacBooks have series 8 cards so I think there is no OSX driver for your card. You have to know if your card is AGP or PCIe - the drivers are different. You (we) need to know exactly what is your audio and ethernet hardware. Look up your motherboard model / open your PC - get dirty! All I needed for my laptop was to find the appropriate IONetworkFamily.kext and install Azalia audio drivers (see also: Apple HDA http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry560580 ). Let me know if you need more info about Disk Utility. Other subjects belong to the hardware section.