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  1. You can use Thunderbolt on a PC motherboard with a Thunderbolt Display but not an Imac it would seem. I don't think your Thunderbolt controller is likely to work when you install OSX Lion, but it works in Windows.
  2. P.S. - no drivers are needed from Apple.
  3. Asterix - I have the MSI Z77A-GD80 and apple 27" cinema display working perfectly. Set your internal graphics card to be initiated first in bios (IGD) and also set virtu to iMode Sorted!! Have Lucid using thunderbolt for display and also using my GTX 560 Ti for 3d over thunderbolt
  4. I also updated to 10.6.8 but I don't think the drivers work for graphics with this release.
  5. Unable to get the graphics to work, garbled. Have to remove X2000.KEXT. Version 10.6.8 adds new ATI drivers which don't work. Don't know how to fix.
  6. No, broken graphics, had to boot to safe mode. Will try to fix and let you know what happens.
  7. Gilj

    Snow Leopard on Dell Studio 1555

    Hi, Thanks for the guide, it worked. I encountered the following problems : Had to burn disc on to a +R not a -R and very slowly otherwise it caused errors before installation. Ethernet driver is not the best one to use, there is a good broadcom ethernet driver for the adapter on kexts.com. Graphics are good, World of Warcraft works well, I would prefer if the apple logo had not turned green and the backgrounds of 'About Us' and the Installer program were not skinned but that is a small price to pay. Many Thanks, Gilj