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  1. Anybody get anywhere on the "wake on lan" issue? I've got an A-U and I modded the BIOS image to change the "failsafe" and "optimal" settings to OSX compatible ones -i.e. AHCI, ACPI S3, 512mb Framebuffer and such..., The idea was that if the CMOS reset then it would continue to boot with the correct BIOS settings, but it usually goes into a really slow boot then panics after everything loads. I've also tried a thousand different edits on my DSDT, no luck there either..... Haven't tried messing with Chameleon much, but I think it's got to be something between OSX and the BIOS directly. AAAAAARRRRGGGGG!!!!! Just want wake on lan......... For now I've got the Apple IR reciever I made using the Macbook IR spare parts module soldered to a USB cable plugged in for easy wake. It would be nice to have some way to schedule waking without having to push a button to wake...
  2. Anyone ever figure out a real fix for the CMOS issue besides just unchecking the "Wake for Network access"- This causes my IONITX A-U to have the issue, when I send the WOL packet, to wake from sleep but the OS doesn't reload only the board is re-powered. Any advice would be great.
  3. heXane

    [GUIDE] HP Mini 110

    The DSDT linked above has disappeared so I created a new wiki at the same site using this address: http://hpmini110-osx86.wikispaces.com/ Where you can find another copy of a DSDT for 1Gb HP mini 110 also a Kext package with VoodooPS2 and all other kexts needed to support Retail 10.5.6 on your Mini 110. *Edit*- Just noticed this guide is for Snow Leo whereas mine is for Retail Leopard. The DSDT.aml file will still work.
  4. heXane

    Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    Yeah MBudden is right the provided kext doesn't load our hardware @ boot time. It's not the install or the KextCache (at least not on mine). I usually just run this to make a new Kextcache- KEXT_RETAIL="/System/Library/Extensions" KEXT_EXTRA="/Volumes/HPMacOS/Extra/Extensions" MKEXT="/Volumes/HPMacOS/Extra/Extensions.mkext" kextcache -v 1 -t -l -a i386 \ -m "$MKEXT" "$KEXT_EXTRA" "$KEXT_RETAIL"
  5. heXane

    Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    I have HP mini 110 with Dell 370 also. Just drag HID2HCI into your Login Items under SystemPrefs-Users. Then you can write an apple scipt to close terminal.app and put it in login items also. Thanks to Bcc9 for porting this over.
  6. heXane

    Asus Rampage Formula X48

    I've Got: ASUS Rampage Formula Intel Q9450 Core Two Quad OC@3.06Ghz 4 Gig OC RAM(forget what kind right now) Nvidia 7900GT All works great with IPC os x86 10.5.6 and Chameleon 2,0 boot loader Just about to try Snow Leo Send me a message if you need any help or installation info.
  7. No this has nothing to do with leopard. My Suyin "USB" camera on an HP DV6626us has not worked in Photobooth on any Version of OS X86 10.4.8 thru 10.5.2. It works Fine in I-Chat with no plug-ins. I think it has something to do with the way photobooth initializes the camera connection. Can anyone help us????????????????
  8. heXane

    Scrolling for Hackintosh's

    what kind of trackpad do you have? Some system info would be nice too. HeXane
  9. heXane

    Scrolling for Hackintosh's

    WOOT!!! Just enabled Side bar Scrolling on Hackintosh HP DV6626us 10.5.2+EFI I use a synaptics Touch pad I think V6.5 or V6.2 I used terminal to edit /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2.kext/Plugins/ApplePS2Trackpad.kext/info.plist I went to the line that say's <String>AppleSynapticsTouchpad</String> and Deleted the "Apple" And did the same for the last line in the paragraph<string>ApplePS2MouseDevice</string> I don't know if this will work for others but it worked magic for Me. This is what mine looks like: <key>Synaptics TouchPad</key> <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.apple.driver.ApplePS2Trackpad</string> <key>IOClass</key> <string>SynapticsTouchPad</string> <key>IOProbeScore</key> <integer>5000</integer> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>PS2MouseDevice</string> </dict> Hope this Helps some people out.
  10. heXane

    PCMCIA and Card Reader RICOH

    MAX1980 did you get this working? Anyone else see any progress on this card reader?
  11. heXane

    PCMCIA and Card Reader RICOH

    Yeah Thats Freaking awsome this machine rocks for OS X86 Everything working Perfectly except the card reader! WOOT!!!!!!! Take that Apple. Thanks Alot Max
  12. heXane

    PCMCIA and Card Reader RICOH

    Max1980 I've got the same notebook as you DV6626us. Have you found a way to get card reader or onboard speakers working yet? Hexane.
  13. heXane

    Scrolling for Hackintosh's

    You should use Smart Scroll X. It allows you to set a key to tap then you can scroll with your trackpad. I think this works way better than the side scroll on Windows. Check it out-- http://www.marcmoini.com. Worked great on my synaptics. Use the beta version for 10.5. HeXane HP DV6626us Everything works Xcept onBoard Speakers.