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  1. Can you share that ssdt with us? Maybe we can figure out how status changes between the hardware controllers in S3 state. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  2. Actually, my mobo only have S1 state of sleep, during which: Net card / Video card / Sound card stop working CPU fan keep running / USB power on I searched Google for a long time and finally found a Russia forum here in which they modified the BIOS and inserted S3 status of sleep while adding tons of optimiations and updates. However, his BIOS is not suitable for my mobo. Meanwhile he wrote down what he did to that bios, i have read them but cannot figure out how to do that on my BIOS rom. So it would be huge kindness if anyone willing to modify the BIOS according to that forum.
  3. hey, how did u manage to boot with 12 or more cores? Could u show me your dsdt or efi?
  4. I once met a similar situation in which I used a dsdt from a GIGA-X79-UD5 mobo with a 6-core i7-3960X. Everything seems to work find except that I have to disable one core so that my 8-core E5-2670 can continue start up process. The reason is the Processor part in his dsdt can only recognize 6 cores. And the problem was solved by replacing his with my Processor part. Moreover, after replacing my Processor part, X79 mobos with 6-core can be recognized too. So, I suggest that you can check your Processor part and make sure you're not using a one from an 8-core machine. BTW, would you mind recording your start up process to see how many cores are loaded during startup?
  5. I tried similar method : delete _STA method. However, this will result in a problem in power management that the frequency will only change among 3 stages. If you just delete/rename Store("CPUSK0", CUU0) method inside _STA will have no side effect on power management. So... If we can be more accurate, why kill other innocent code
  6. So far it works for Asus Giga SuperMicro and other small brand X79 boards, so just give it a try
  7. hi, have a try of my method: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/326200-new-possibilities-for-x79-appleacpiplatform-panic
  8. Don't lose heart on X79's hackintosh buddy, things are getting better
  9. Hey guys! Super good news for X79 friends! I solved my problem by modifying my dsdt finally. Before editing, it looks like this: Just delete Device (SCK0) to Device (SCK3) and other things in the red box. Finally after modifing, all Processors are directly inside _SB instead of _SB.SCKN Don't forget the quote behind the last Processor C00x. After trying, just delete the following lines from you dsdt will do the same job: Store ("CPUSCK0", CUU0) Store ("CPUSCK1", CUU1) Store ("CPUSCK2", CUU2) Store ("CPUSCK3", CUU3) Reply if it helps, cheers
  10. There're many docs on extracting, decompiling and editing ACPI tables, which you can search on your own. After decompiling, you may find the unprintable char in whatever table.
  11. It is very likely you're facing ACPI tables problems. If you're really stucking at isprint, then method 1 and 2 should work. Since they do not work, you may need to check your ACPI tables.
  12. glad it helped. As for USB, I would check the driver for update or seek if the dsdt fits the system U can use a Hex editor or Maciasl to edit MATS/BGRT table.
  13. Check here:https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2017/08/05/osinstall-mpkg-appears-to-be-missing-or-damaged/ hi, have you tried the solution here:http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/326200-new-possibilities-for-x79-appleacpiplatform-panic/?p=2480719
  14. hi! Thanks for your advice~ Sadly I'm not getting "isprint" error, so patch "isprint" may not be helpful I tried to patch "isspace" to force it search in _AcpiGbl_Ctypes instead of __ctype, and modified 0x20 to 0x08 to let "isspace" behave like the function in acpia but it doesn't work cuz I still can't cast it to unsigned char. My expression is poor, hope you can understand I'm now trying to fix my acpi tables. I'm almost sure that the problem happens inside APIC table.
  15. Ah thanks for mentioning, I realized it too. However After dropping CpuPm the error continues...