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  1. iMovie crashing

    imovie has new 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 updates available. Have you tried this? Gopan
  2. Intel GMA 3100 QE/CI

    friend, there is an update for Intel graphics drivers in apple web site. Leopard Grahics update 1.0.dmg (49.5MB File) Down load and install it . I hope your problems can be solved. My issue with X3100 solved by doing it. Rgds Gopan
  3. usb problem

    LioNEXT, Thanks for the reply. I will try today evening as you said. Now I am in my office and working . I had already registered and I can access developers site. About 10.4.3 I mentioned is Tiger only. I formatted the Hard drive and installed OSX Tiger 10.4.3 .With that version USB does not have any problem. Perfect working. I do not have 10.4.9 DVD , but I will download the kernel/kext and will have a try as you said . I will get back to you tonight. If my USB problem solved I could have work mic in etc through USB sound card. Now what I am doing is with my bluetooth headset connects to notebook and in ichat uses that one as mic. Regards Gopan
  4. usb problem

    LioNEXT Thanks for your reply.I have tried the all the steps one by one , No luck. The last one really put me in trouble.After applying that kext (I am using kext helper for these ) , system was not booting at all ! Kernel panic shows always. Normally I do experiments on my another 160GB hard disk, but this time I tried on my normally using Hard drive and for some time got tensed. Finally I could boot in safe mode and removed that kext and put back the old one and system started working fine other than the USB problem which continues as usual. I am going to explain everything in detail this time . What all I had done and its result , which will guide you to pin point my problem. My System Details as follows Make : HP Business Notebook : Model HP530 Processor : Intel Core Duo T2300 Processor (1.66Ghz) SSE3 supports ( But I am using single core , disabled the other core in BIOS Setup) RAM : 2 GB DDR2 @667 Mhz Hard Disk : 160 GB Sata @5400 rpm Optical Drive : DVD RW Dual Layer ( Working out of the box) Chipset : Intel 945GME Express Graphics : Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 950 Display : 15.4" WXGA Bright view , Resolution 1280x800 ( Working Out of the Box) Audio : Conexant CX20468,Integrated mono speaker , Stereo out and mic in sockets ( Speaker working perfect but mic in and audio out sockets are not working) Net Work : Intel 82562GT 10/100 (Working Perfect) WiFi : Broadcom 4311 ,802.11a/b/g ( Perfect working , detected as Airport) Modem : Conexant Modem ( Not tested it and may not working , It is not at all required) Pointing Device : Synoptic Touch Pad ( Working perfect , except the scroll feature) Ports : 2USB2.0, VGA Out,PCMCIA (Not working and not tried to make it work) RJ11,RJ45 Web Cam : External USB cam , Make INTEX Cyber eye Silver ( Perfectly working with iusbcam software I purchased through web) OS Running : Kalyway Leopard the first edition 10.5.1 upgraded to 10.5.2 Applications : Almost all applications works fine including ichat video , PHoto booth My Problem : I have noticed the following things that during the installation of leopard my USB Mouse works fine and even after the restart for once it will continues working, but after shut down- again if you keep the mouse in USB port and restart the machine kernel panic may come. Some time it will run through . If I am not using USB mouse or any USB device during boot , system boots perfect and after booting If I insert USB mouse or Pen Drive perhaps System hangs or Panic button comes , or cursor moves stuck manner or works fine with out any issue. If it start working during the insert of device , it will continue working till I shut down the system. I was thinking If my sleep function works well , I could have kept the system always on . No need to shut down once it mount USB devices. But when I press sleep button display goes and Notebook Fan etc working When we touches on touch pad or any key display comes back. So it is not actual sleep mode. Yesterday I had done some experiments: I have installed the following 1) MAC OS 10.4.3 (8f1111g) Kernel 8.3.1 ,Sytem kext 8.3.1 ( No mouse Problem . .. any time I can Insert USB devices, any time I can boot by inserting USB devices ... works perfect) 2)Upgraded this with ToH Leopard 10.5 Kernel 9.0.0 System kext 9.0.0 ( No luck same old usb issue continues) 3)Installed ToH by formating Hard disk ( Same version ) Result is same ... No luck usb 4)Installed Kalyway 10.5.1 ( Same Result) Upgraded to 10.5.2 Kernel 9.2.0 System kext 9.2.0 ( No luck USB ) 5)Installed Kalyway 10.5.2 kernel 9.2.2 System 9.2.2 (Result is same , No luck USB) 6)Installed Kalyway 10.5.2 selected SSE3 Kernel during installation . Enabled Dual cores of CPU in BIOS and it works fine. USB problem still continues but I am able to work on both core of CPU. Only problem in installing kalyway 10.5.2 is display is not properly working . It could display resolution of 1068x768..? (some what near .. I forgot the exact number . Not taking 1280X800) I think it can be solve? I have to search in forum for that. I have iATKOS with me , but after installation when it reboot nothing appears on display. I do not know why. These are my details . I hope you will get some clue for helping me based on this Rgds GOPAN
  5. usb problem

    LioNEXT I have tried as you mentioned , but no luck. The new version also not helping me to solve my problem. No problem waiting for experts comment on this. You may please mark whatever suggestions you have on this Thanks Gopan
  6. usb problem

    LioNext I have tried all the steps mentioned in your post. I am so unlucky and my notebook behaves as previous. I could notice some thing which I can share now , that may be trigger a point in you to solve the issue. My kernal is 9.2.0 , kext is also same.It was different and corrected( Installed with USB _FIX link shown in your post) OS Leopard Kalyway 10.5.1 upgraded to 10.5.2 Created kext loading procedure with lingon and after booting the system the result got from kextstat in terminal and USB PROBER is attached. When usb ports works the log in USBPROBER will be with 7 components loaded. If we manually try to load the missing kext in terminal, funny thing happens is that particular kext will get load and some other will disappear from USBPROBER log. Toggling kext are IOUSBHIDDriver, IOUSBMassStorageClass,com.Apple.CompositeDriver ..... allthe others are remaining stable is USBPROBER log By loading IOUSBMassStorageClass interminal is also not making the usb works. thanks Gopan
  7. usb problem

    Hi friends, I have a typical problem facing with my hp530 working on kalyway10.5.2 . Problem is after the notebook boot if we want to insert mouse or pendrive ,external hard drive etc through usb system gets hangs. Restart is only the way by removing the usb attach. But some time when we attach these devices machine will continue working with out any problem. Once it started working till the restart it will work without any problem. I also tried by inserting the devices in usb ports and boot the machine. Then also some times it will get booted up with working usb devices and some times shows kernal pannic while booting. I have tried many things by refering this forum, like lingon , cache deleting method ,usb logger etc . Nothing helps me with a solution. Can any one suggest some method to sort out this issue? This is the only problem I am facing with my Hp 530 in leopard. I have loaded VMWARE and loaded windows XPP also . All the hardwares are working except this USB intermittent , and Line in sound. Gopan
  8. HP 530 notebook and gma950

    Hi Has any one of you using Hp530 able to edit its BIOS for whitelising the wifi card? I have a dell 4311 card with me but could not edit the BIOS till now. When I put the card in side instead of the original Intel card , after POST it shows the error 104 error unsupported wireless card ....... any idea? I have seen many post in this forum and when googled also for many other machines. Gopan
  9. Hi, Sure ... it will work. I am now working with dual OS ie XPP and Kalyway in my Hp530 . Perfectly working with acronis boot selector. Also works fine with Darwin boot loader, just edit boot.plist , to seconds written as 0 instead of the number 6 ...or 8 I do not remember the value default. But keep it 0 so that loader will wait till you select the OS. Regards Gopan
  10. Dell 1390 wireless & HP laptop

    Philip, Your direction to this issue is really useful , but I do not know whether i can make this in my machine. I do not have any idea about Linux. My Notebook is Hp 530 , except wireless card everything working in kalyway leopard. Wifi is Intel3945ABG . Luckly as you said I got one DELL DW1390 Wifi card which is broadcom 4311KFBG. When I put this card in to my Hp 530 ... that 104 error message came. I know this 4311 will detect as Airport if I can solve this BIOS error issue. Any other easy way in windows based meathod to change vendor id or device id of dell broadcom card? I have the Dell machine also with me in which this broadcom card working. In that DELL machine if i put that card again and through windows some utility can I change the vendor id and product id suitable for Hp 530? help is apreciated. Gopan
  11. Conexant HD Audio

    anti_user Thanks for the reply about Hp530. Let me ask some more doubts regarding it. I have installed kalyway in it and It worked Interenal speaker,Display, Network, Touch pad , USB , battery meter (used new power management bundle)etc and Intel wifi is not working. I will purchase one broadcom wifi. Problem is I have to keep the processor in single core mode by setting in bios. If it works in dual core mode in between crashes. In bios which should be the Hard Drive mode ? SATA enabled ? Bit shift or LBA ? I am using with sata enabled with Bit shift . My worry is it is not stable , If we do something kernal panic happens and crashes in kalyway. I would like to work in both Win xpp and Leopard (Dual boot mode) In XPP dual core processor can work and every time changing in bios is difficult. Apreciate if you can share your all suggestions and experiance in this Hp530 installation Regards Gopan
  12. Conexant HD Audio

    Anti_user, Today I will get one hp530 in my hand. I am going to install Kalyway in it . What is your suggestion? Audio is CX20549 , and I saw your comment on it but what about Network ?it is Intel 82562GT.Will it work? Display will also work because it is GMA950.If atleast internal speakers and Display and either Internal Network or Wifi Ok i will buy one Hp 530 . It is available here in india for $770. Wifi will not work because it is Intel 3945. Kindly share your experiance in Hp 530 and any suggestion or precausion before installing Leopard I have 4 versions of leopard with me a)Kalyway 10.5.1 b)IKATOS c)Hot fix d)TOH 895....... (Forgot the patch number) Which you suggest? Thanks in advance Gopan
  13. Hi All, Can any one suggest a good usb sound adapter , usb Web Camera and usb wifi card suitable for hackintosh notebooks works in leoprard. My notebook is is Hp is nx7300 working fine with out Audio ( AD 1981 Mute issue ) and wifi (Intel 3945 wifi). With out audio very diffuicult to use it ...hi hi.. replys will be a good referance for those who are facing sound / camera / wifi issues .. Thanks in advance Gopan
  14. acer notebook

    Hi Kucksy, Thanks for your reply, I was out for touch with net for some days .... infact I am in search of a known brand which will support those hardwares. I have nx7300,7400, and nx6120 of Hp and working kalyway in that and as you said when tried for wifi 3945 driver and chun chan pcmcia driver kernel panic happened. Agin re installed and with out those now working . Only audio and wifi are not working in nx7300/7400. In nx6120 audio perfectly working but video GMA 900 support is not in leopard, hence keynote, or some other important applications are not working. Thank you Gopan
  15. acer notebook

    Hi All, Can Any one suggest an Acer Notebook Model in which all most all hardwares will work in Leopard ? Video, Audio, DVD , Network Card, Wifi, Camera, USBs, these must work and I am giving most priority, and PCMCIA, Firewire, Card Readers, S-Video etc are not important to work. I had done lot of experiments with Hp models , nx6120, nx7300, 7400 etc and Dell Inspiron6400 . Now I think will stick on any of the model which will support allmost all hardwares in Leopard and will try to procure that model. Thanks in Advance Gopan