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  1. I got kernel panic after i installed VMtool downloaded by unlocker. I'm using VMware player 14. How do i do?
  2. Hi I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13 on VMware 14. Is it possible to Increase VRAM more than 128 MB?
  3. Thanks, it solves the problem Don't forget to reboot after this
  4. my machines is located in E:\VMware machines\Yosemite shoild i place the .rom file in it? EDIT: i just placed it and edited wmx file but i'm still on boot manager. how do i do? EDIT 2: i think the VM can't read converted ISO file. i just converted DMG to ISO.
  5. i don't understand this step "1. Copy efi32-srvr.rom to guest folder.". i don't know where is "guest" folder and i'm new in vmware workstation.
  6. Hi. Where is the "guest" folder? sorry i'm not getting it.