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  1. I got kernel panic after i installed VMtool downloaded by unlocker. I'm using VMware player 14. How do i do?
  2. Hi I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13 on VMware 14. Is it possible to Increase VRAM more than 128 MB?
  3. my machines is located in E:\VMware machines\Yosemite shoild i place the .rom file in it? EDIT: i just placed it and edited wmx file but i'm still on boot manager. how do i do? EDIT 2: i think the VM can't read converted ISO file. i just converted DMG to ISO.
  4. i don't understand this step "1. Copy efi32-srvr.rom to guest folder.". i don't know where is "guest" folder and i'm new in vmware workstation.