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  1. It's doing the same thing Nice i did not know that, I will try to take a look at this
  2. Hello everyone, I successfully installed Yosemite on my main hard drive, however, I am not able to boot from it. Once I choose my partition in the boot loader menu, it seems to hang or instant reboot after loading the kernel, as if It is not able to load it. Here is where it hangs: http://i.imgur.com/eC5Wic1.jpg The interesting part, is that I am able to load the operating system when booting from my bootable thumbdrive I just choose my hard drive partition and it is working fine. I double checked and the bootloader version is exactly the same between my USB bootable drive and my main hard drive. At this point I have no clue at what to look at. Edit: I have tried Chameleon, Chimera, but not clover as I don't have an UEFI bios. Here is my current config: P6X58D Premium Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Thanks for any help !
  3. I updated my system and everything is working fine. I have a GTX 275 w/ graphic enabler and actually i can tell that there is a difference, OpenGL is a bit faster with the new drivers
  4. Sorry, i did not see your last post, I think i will give a try tonight
  5. Anyone has tried 10.6.4 ? is it safe to update ?
  6. Hi guys, I currently use iMac11,1 as my system identifier, i read that many of you are using macpro3,1 or macbook4,1. Is there any benefit to use them ? Also i have read about editing plists/fakeSMC, What is actually the best to get a stable/faster system ? Thanks a lot guys for all your support
  7. Thanks, I will try this tonight, as AHCI
  8. Hey guys, i have a question.. I just bough a 60 GB Vertex SSD to put my OS Partition on it (10.6.2). However i have read that AHCI can slow down the SSD performance and/or reducing its life time. OCZ recommend to use SATA - IDE Enhanced. Is there anyway to use this mode, when i select it, i have a waiting for root device loop. I would like to have more precisions if it's possible, or is AHCI is fine ? Thanks again guys
  9. Maybe he inverted the colors ? Try Ctrl+Cmd+Alt+8 ?
  10. I have the same card, make sure you have an entry for GraphicEnabler in /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist.
  11. What is the difference actually between GFX Injection and EFI Strings ? I'm not totally sure about that stuff, right now I'm using the GraphicEnabler parameter in Chameleon and it's working fine. It would be nice if anybody have any precisions on that, i'm kinda confused right now :S Thanks guy, you're doing a great work ! Edit-- I currently have a GTX 275..
  12. Thanks guys, everything is working well with DSDT 3.1.2. I've got sound, sleep, no orange icons (with iFabio DSDT fix). I only use fakesmc.kext and ad2000.kext. Everything is working well
  13. did you set your hard drive as AHCI in your bios ?
  14. Ok thanks.. it works. I always forgot to rebuild extension cache.