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  1. gudelgado_

    AMD Mojave Kernel Development and Testing

    Thanks bro, I started the system, now I need a fix on EHCI, it is not working on USB 2.0 and it's the only ones I have Note: I just had an error '' This installer resources were not found '' related to the '' emuvariable + OsxAptionFix '', I deleted both and just put AptioMemoryFix and added APFSDriver Hardware: FX 6300 - Asus M5A78L-M LX/BR - 8 GB RAM. Good work! @Shaneee @XLNC
  2. gudelgado_

    AMD Mojave Kernel Development and Testing

    Hey bro, was the system already built or did you install from zero with prelinkedkernel? If installed from scratch, tell me what used and what did, I had the same panic with the new prelinkedkernel in the installation
  3. gudelgado_

    AMD Mojave Kernel Development and Testing

    Thanks Gigamaxx, I'll check and bring news!
  4. gudelgado_

    AMD Mojave Kernel Development and Testing

    Hmm... I did not think of it, I currently have the High Sierra 10.13.3 installed and functional with the HD 7770, however I believe the problem is in my UEFI BIOS, my motherboard ends up not supporting uefi bios, I will having to be absent in the project until there is a solution hahaha, thanks for the tips!
  5. gudelgado_

    AMD Mojave Kernel Development and Testing

    Well, I tried to up the system with penboot with Shanee's PrelinkedKernel, but I got those results, it looks like error a Power Management (ACPI), what do you think @Shaneee ? Replace IONetworkingFamily.kext by foxlet and I used Mojave AMD Beta kernel by Shanee. My Setup. Installed Operating Systems: High Sierra 10.13.3 - Windows 10 Pro - Yosemite 10.10CPU: AMD FX-6300 4Ghz Motherboard: M5A78L-M LX/BR RAM: 8GB DDR3 Graphics: XFX HD 7770 1GBHDD: 1TB Seagate - 2x 500GB Seagate - 80GB LAN: RTL8111 Sound: ALC888BOther: USB Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Bootloader: Clover - Legacy
  6. @Shaneee I tried updating through the High Sierra 10.13.6 app store, but I could not move up the ''install macOS'' partition up because of the PrelinkedKernel, how can I fix this? My config: FX 6300 8GB de RAM M5A78L-M LX/BR HD 7770
  7. @Shaneee Will you upgrade Kernel 10.13.6 to High Sierra? is available on OpenSource !
  8. Wow, Thanks for new kernel @Shaneee! my FX-6300 is working very well with 4ghz clock! Well, I have only one question, why do Adobe software crash?